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J.Godar@ Caribbean Music Introductory Lesson J.Godar@

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1 J.Godar@
Caribbean Music Introductory Lesson

2 J.Godar@
The Caribbean, (also known as the West Indies) is made up of island states that speak English, Spanish or French.

3 J.Godar@
English speaking islands: Jamaica The Bahamas Trinidad & Tobago

4 French speaking islands:
Haiti Martinique Guadeloupe

5 Spanish speaking islands:
Cuba Puerto Rico Dominican Republic

6 Most of the Caribbean population are
descendants of West African slaves and settlers from Europe, India and China.

7 Caribbean food Rice and beans Jerk chicken with fried plantain
Fried fish

8 Ingredients used the most in Caribbean cooking:

9 Caribbean Holidays Why do you think many people travel to the Caribbean?

10 Caribbean Music African and Western influence

11 The music of the Caribbean differs from island to island

12 Islands and their music

13 J.Godar@
Cuba: Salsa

14 Trinidad and Tobago: Calypso

15 J.Godar@
Jamaica: reggae

16 Some Caribbean Instruments
claves - two short pieces of wood maracas - hand-held shakers cabasa - loops of steel balls wrapped round a cylinder, hand-held reco-reco or guiro - scrapers agogo - double-headed bells

17 Caribbean Song: Bassez down
Bassez, Mama Bassez Down Bassez in the Mornin’, Bassez Down Bassez Down Missie Mary… Bassez Down Missa Billy … Bassez Down Everybody …

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