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News Articles Bryan Wu News Editor.

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1 News Articles Bryan Wu News Editor

2 Lede… This is what gives your readers an idea of what your whole article is going to be about. Lede is its own paragraph. Try to answer the five W’s and H: -Who? -What? -When? -Where? -Why? -How?

3 Inverted Pyramid… The “Skeleton” of your article
-Top: Most important information, lede. -Middle: Expand info. This is where details/quotes are presented -End: Least important info. Keep in mind that I might need to cut to make things fit. Include quotes throughout your article. They add depth and credibility.

4 Be OBJECTIVE… Do NOT Do NOT be subjective, but be objective.
Do NOT incorporate feelings or personal thoughts on any topic as you write. If you aren’t sure about something, take it out and make a note to go back and make confirmations. You are just writing the facts. Opinions are allowed ONLY if stated by someone else (quotes). 

5 News Briefs… They are a bunch of little articles on different topics/events (Hence, the name brief). Give the most basic, most important facts. No lede, no quotes. Just one paragraph. Again, no feelings or personal opinions.

6 MORE… Be skilled at interview etiquette (You will interview many different people). Good to interview adults on campus and ASBL. Google is your friend. BE READY TO ADAPT. Anything can happen. New events will occur, you may have to replace a news brief or I might have to take one out due to spacing issues. DON’T WHINE.

7 Last thing… BE SURE TO TAKE PICTURES. (Daniel will go more in depth with taking pictures). TAKE AS MANY PICTURES AS YOU CAN. -Whether it is for the lede article or News Briefs, TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. YES, that means you will have to go to the events.

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