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Motivation & Leadership Leading Employees to Peak Performance.

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1 Motivation & Leadership Leading Employees to Peak Performance

2 Strategic Essentials, Inc. Valerie G. Cardenas, President Successful serial business owner Founded to serve the needs of small businesses in Northern Nevada Former client & now Managing Partner for Leadership Management International

3 A mere 14 percent of employees around the world are highly engaged in their work. Towers Perrin Survey - of 86,000 employees around the world

4 Most managers in the business world are transactional leaders. Theyre managing an exchange with their people based on the use of reward and punishment... Management Rewired - Charles S. Jacobs

5 Motivational Management - Alexander Hiam Examples: Threats Incentives Combination Choice: Earn a reward or avoid a punishment

6 Transactional Leadership Position – Authority/Control Fear – Punishment Incentives – Reward Extrinsic Outside-in Motivation Knowledge And Behavior

7 Leadership who tap into the intrinsic motives of their people often tap into flow and peak states of performance. Influence Behavior - Bruce Jackson

8 Several studies have confirmed that the performance of any activity requiring resourcefulness, deep concentration, intuition, or creativity is likely to be impaired when external controls are used as a motivational strategy. Why We Do What We Do - Edward L. Deci

9 Leadership behaviors and decisions were cited as the single most important influence on their organizations culture. ~Meehan, Gadiesh & Hori Culture as Competitive Advantage

10 Only 11% of employees agree their managers show consistency between their words and actions. Just 7% strongly trust senior leaders to look out for their best interest. ~Maritz Research

11 We must be willing to move beyond the past, to move from a position based on fear and compliance, to one based on trust, relationships, and collaboration. ~Edward M. Marshall Building Trust At The Speed of Change

12 Intrinsic Inside-Out Self- Motivation Attitude - Change Trust - Autonomy Transformational Leadership Emotions, Beliefs And Values Emotions, Beliefs And Values

13 How to Develop Transformational Leadership

14 Research shows that there are Four Domains of Leadership Strength 1) Executing 2) Influencing 3) Relationship building 4) Strategic thinking And ALL are critical to overall effective leadership. Strengths Based Leadership - Tom Rath & Barry Conchie

15 Each level of leadership correlates with a particular stage of personal or adult development. Decades of research have confirmed that human beings move through these stages in a particular sequence. This means leaders dont skip levels. Leadership Agility - Bill Joiner & Stephen Josephs

16 The Total Leader Strategist ~ Strategic Thinking Catalyst ~ Relationship Building Achiever ~ Influencing Expert ~ Executing

17 Organizational Needs Inventory

18 Achiever Profile

19 Questions


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