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Presented By Tom Spenceley & Jerry Bauer

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1 Presented By Tom Spenceley & Jerry Bauer
Corr Science Presented By Tom Spenceley & Jerry Bauer

2 Represents the Following Companies:
Corr Science Represents the Following Companies: Access Plugs & Flange Andritz Automation Teledyne Cormon Corrocoat Corrview Ion Science Flsmith/Gmax Pepperl+Fuchs Roxar Specialized Tech Structural Integrity OLI

3 Why do we need sand detectors?
Early warning of sand production Identification of individual wells producing sand Optimising production Monitoring accumulation of sand Preventing lines filling with sand Checking integrity of sand screens Reducing the risk of erosion

4 Sand Problems Sand in oil or gas Pipe wall erosion
Damage to production equipment Reservoir degradation Filter replacement - time and expense Solids cleaning

5 System Solutions Provides quantitative and qualitative indication of solids production Optimisation of production rates Enables damage assessment of pipes & valves Determination of methods of control

6 There are three different types of Sand Detectors
Sand Probe Sand Erosion Particle Detector (SEPD) Ultra Sonic Sensor

7 Sand Probe (Ceion® Sand Erosion Sensor)
Intrusive Cost Effective Can be used on straight pipe (Angle Probe) Accrete readings for Wall Loss of pipe Real Time or Stand alone

8 Sand Erosion Particle Detector (SEPD)
Overview Patented technology Ceion® metal loss for cumulative damage Integrated passive acoustic element for instantaneous sand detection Measures: Cumulative metal loss Erosion rate Instantaneous sand detection Sand rate detection (0.01g/s estimated) Flow regime indication Embedded CEION® DSP Acoustics Acoustic Erosion TU-SMP 8 8

9 Embedded CEION® DSP Acoustics
SEPDTM Probe Other features: Embedded DSP for real-time frequency analysis. 1MHz sampling speed Frequency analysis up to 500kHz FFT completed every ms and averaged 1000 times. (i.e. result every 1s) Configurable band pass filtering Configurable gain amplification High S-N ratio Embedded CEION® DSP Acoustics TU-SMP 9 9

10 SAM 400 SAM 400 SAM 400 TC Passive acoustic transducer technology
Measures sand production in oil, gas or multiphase wells Compact and ultra sensitive Detects smaller particles at lower flow velocities than competitors Non-intrusive

11 Measurement principle (ultra sonic)
The detector is installed down stream of a 90° bend Sand impacts the inner pipe wall Detection Limits: Velocity >1.0 m/s, particle size > 15 m

12 RSI-650 Sand Injector The injector will inject a calibrated amount of sand into the stream at a current velocity for a set time. Up stream of Roxar Sand Sensor. With a Analogue or a digital barrier we can hook up to the PLC

13 Are there any questions?
Corr Science Thank you and Are there any questions?

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