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Red Seal Measurement Greenwood, SC

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2 Red Seal Measurement Greenwood, SC
Refined fuel and industrial meters for worldwide applications Total Area – 24.4 acres Total Buildings – 120,00 ft2 (Production 110K , Offices 10K) Employees – 54

3 RED SEAL MEASUREMENT Home of Liquid Measurement Systems
Neptune brand positive displacement flowmeters, trusted since 1892 in critical industrial processes and all stages of petroleum and LPG custody transfer, have an established reputation for accuracy and dependability

4 New Extended Warranty on all Neptune PD Meters
Red Seal Measurement is proud to offer the Neptune product line. Because we’re confident that our meters are the best in the business, we’re extending the warranty on all of our positive displacement meters to three years from the date of installation (or 42 months from date of shipment). There are no restrictions on quantity or configuration, and no requirement to buy additional components. We value the trust you’ve placed in our products. Let Neptune meters repay that trust with the peace of mind that guaranteed quality can provide.

5 Liquid Measurement Products
Meters and Registers for Refined Fuel Custody Transfer Industrial Meters and Registers Mass Flowmeters and Electronic Registers

6 Refined Fuels Product Line
Truck Meters Dispensers Bulk Plant Inventory Management

7 Industrial Liquids Product Line
Positive Displacement Meters Registers Coriolis Mass Flow Accessories

8 MP Oscillating Piston Meters
Only 2 moving parts Hydraulically floating piston does not contact the chamber surfaces during operation Replaceable, calibrated measuring element – easily serviced without removing meter Simple construction - no special knowledge or tools required Tolerant of low-viscosity, abrasive, nonlubricating compressed gas Nituff coating reduces friction and protects from particulate damage High torque for both mechanical and electronic registers

9 Type S Nutating Disc Meters
Proven accurate and reliable for over a century Virtually unaffected by viscosity or flow profile disturbances Very tolerant of suspended solids that can stall other flowmeter types Pressure up to 150 psi, temperature to 250 degrees F Can be used with mechanical or electronic registers

10 Meters For Special Applications
Ink / High Pressure Accurate measurement of ink consumption in printing presses VLF - Very Low Flow Designed to measure the flow of light fuel or diesel oil

11 M-Dot Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Industrial Liquids Electronic Metering M-Dot Coriolis Mass Flowmeters NexGen SFT200 Transmitter on M100-ST Mass Flow Transducer NexGen SFT100 and Datamate 2200 Mass Flow Computers

12 Technologies used by competitors
Blocking Rotor Oval Gear

13 Blocking Rotor - Disadvantages
13 moving parts A new base meter is required to replace measuring element Remove meter from line to rebuild Complicated internal construction with timing gears Special tools required High pressures can cause product slippage

14 Oval Gear - Disadvantages
2 moving gears with two bearings each Gears in contact with each other and subject to wear Plastic gears wear faster, which lead to damage sooner Tight tolerances between gears make meter very susceptible to foreign material, which can cause immediate lockup or gear damage

15 Metering Technologies Used in RSM Meters
Nutating Disc Oscillating Piston Coriolis Mass Flow

16 Nutating Disc Proven accurate and reliable for over a century
Unaffected by viscosity of flow profile disturbances Tolerant of suspended solids that can stall other meter types Withstands pressure up to 150 psi and temperature to 250° F Works with mechanical or electronic register

17 Oscillating Piston 2 moving parts Positive displacement meter
Hydraulically floating piston does not contact the chamber surfaces during operation Easily serviceable because its simple construction requires no special knowledge or tools Tested under field conditions to optimize design Dual case design

18 Oscillating Piston (continued)
Measuring element is replaceable and doesn’t require the meter to be removed from line Components undergo strengthening treatment to increase durability Tolerant of low viscosity, abrasive, non-lubricating compressed gas Nituff coating reduces friction and protects from particulate damage Works with mechanical and electronic registers

19 How an Oscillating Piston works
Capillary action maintains seal of liquid between piston and chamber wall Groove in skirt bottom retains cushion of liquid to lift piston Inlet pressure lifts piston, reducing drag Profiles in the piston top break surface tension to reduce drag Hydraulically floating piston does not contact the chamber surfaces during operation

20 Roller and diaphragm are the only wear parts
Measuring Chamber All components – piston skirt and top, wall cover and floor – have pressure relief ports Roller and diaphragm are the only wear parts Relationship between piston spindle, roller and diaphragm prevents contact between skirt and chamber wall

21 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
First introduced in 1978, they are an established technology in process industries. Highly accurate flowmeter technology Direct mass measurement Increased efficiency They reduce Lost product Lost time Lost money

22 Why Measure Mass? Volume varies with temperature
Mass is a primary measurement and remains the same

23 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Drive Coil Tubes Flow Divider Measurement Coils Mass Flowmeter Components

24 Mass Flow Operation With no liquid flowing, the drive coil causes the tubes to vibrate parallel to each other (in phase).

25 Mass Flow Operation Product flow causes the ends of the tubes to vibrate out of phase. The sensor coils measure this phase difference, allowing calculation of mass.

26 Measurements Available from Coriolis Meters
The following values may also be obtained from the meter or calculated from other values Density Fluid Temperature Net Volume Specific Gravity Gross Volume (mass/density)

27 Accurate & Consistent Technology
+/- 10:1 % Error The accuracy of a Coriolis meter is stated as percentage of the rate measurement plus or minus a zero stability. The zero shift error becomes the dominant portion of the overall accuracy at the lower end of the flow range. Alternatively, the accuracy may be stated as a percentage of rate for flow rates above some low flow threshold and as a percentage of flow range for flow rates below the threshold. It is important to remember that the zero stability or zero shift error, is a constant error regardless of flowrate. % Flow Rate Holds accuracy to lower flow rates (for meter size) than other metering technologies - less unmetered product

28 Defining the Ideal Metering System
100% accurate (no product loss) Works at any flow rate Unaffected by temperature, pressure, or density Easy to install and use No wear / no maintenance Low cost of ownership Rugged and reliable Registers data flawlessly Wireless from deck to cab and cab to office

29 A Good Solution - Oscillating Piston Meters
High accuracy: % Only 2 moving parts Floating piston reduces wear Easily serviced – low down time Durable, strengthened components Designed for LPG Tolerant of contaminants

30 A Better Solution - Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
All-electronic system Exceptional accuracy: % Wide flow range Eliminates errors due to temperature No wearing parts Maintenance-free Not affected by abrasives or contaminants Can measure density and purity



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