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An Overview of mobile device Forensics

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1 An Overview of mobile device Forensics
Charline F. Nixon, PhD, DM, MBA, MSCS, GCIA CEH, CHFI, ECSA, CAST, MFE & 10 other certs... Good Afternoon Everyone, My name is Charline F. Nixon. Today, I am going to present an overview of mobile device forensics. Calhoun Community College

2 Agenda Total YouTube views in 2011 is 1 Trillion. No. of YouTube users is 1 Billion. No of YouTube video per day is 4Billion Hours of video watch per month on YouTube 6 Billion Average YouTube mobile video – 1 Billion Average monthly time spent on Google+ is 6Min+ Google share o f US search market is about 66% Google purchase YouTube in 2006

3 Worldwide smartphone stat

4 Android - dev. 2003 Google –acquired 2005 Android-based phone 2008
No. Of Android Devices 900 Million No. of Apps in Google Play Store 1 Million User Download Apps/Games/Month 1.5 Million Estimated Malicious Apps Total Android App Installs 48 Billion Average Android Activations Android users download more than 1.5 billion apps and games from Google Play each month. estimated average app 25,000 each month, current number of free apps 697,000 and paid apps 157,900. Estimated that there will be around 1million malicious apps, more than 350,000 malicious apps in It took 14 years for Microsoft to have that kind of malicious virus, it only took 3 years for Android to catch up. Some of the big operating system: iOS, Android, RIM, Palm, Windows, & Symbian. We have generations (1-4th generation - most use is 3G for mobile TV & video calls) Top Android app categories 1. Personalization 2. Entertainment 3. Books & Reference 4. Lifestyle 5. Tools Top Android phones 1. Samsung Galaxy S3 2. Samsung Galaxy S2 3. Samsung Galaxy S4 4. Samsung Galaxy Note II 5. Nexus 7

5 Apple Iphone
According to apples sell 5million iphone in 3 days. Apple introduced the iPhone 5, the sixth version of its popular smartphone. According to Apple, the company received more than 2 million pre-orders within 24 hour. Data from last year. According to Apple and Samsung they have a 91% market share ( No. 1 tips for battery life – leaving your wi-fi on will lower data charges, but will also drain your battery ( No. 1 that will drain your battery is App downloads

6 Smartphone & Social Media Impact
Mobile threats include the following: security, compliance, legal association. Different types of attacks, clickjacking, phishing, mitm (mobile), smishing, fake certificates, wifi sniffing, cross site scripting, input validation, brute force attack. The Big four Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkn, The Future Six: Tumblr, Snapchat, Path,

7 Smartphone & Social Media Impact
According to 67% social media help solve more crimes quickly. An average facebook user has 130 friends. 88% of teens report that social media help them in touch wit friends they cant see regularly.

8 Mobile device threats www.digitalinformationworld Tips:
Do not use public wifi for confidential access Do not use auto text/auto refill in using username or password Read small fine print when downloading apps Read reviews and stars but don’t rely According to the top 10 tips to secure your mobile gadgets are: Use password protected access controls Control Wireless Network and Service Connectivity Control App access and permissions Keep OS and Firmware Current Backup your data Wipe devices data automatically if lost or stolen Never Store personal financial data on your device Beware of Free Apps Try mobile antivirus software and scanning tools Use mobile device management software if recommended by it. Side note: don’t leave your charger plugged into the outlet when its not attached to your phone.

9 What is the Difference between GSM & CDMA
GSM-Global System for Mobile Communication (almost the world standard) - divides the frequency band into multiple channels so that one user can place a call through a tower at the same time. GSM SIM card can be used in another GSM phone. Simultaneous voice and data. GSM carriers use AT&T, T-Mobile. SIM card contains phonebook, call logs, sms

10 What is the Difference between GSM & CDMA
CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA one 2G, CDMA2000-3G)- it digitized calls over one another, unpack them in code sequence. Has better security. CDMA locked to one network, can be switch but with both carrier approval. CDMA carriers include Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular US favor in CDMA with around 43% of the market. Worldwide CDMA accounts for 13% of phone . Uses MEID while GSM uses SIM card.

11 Phone forensics tools that examine CDMA, GSM, SIM and GPS.
Cellebrite UFED - Paraben Device Seizure- Paraben Sticks (Data Recovery, Phone Recovery Stick, Porn Stick) Secure View - FTK - EnCase- OxygenForensics - cellebrite secureview Oxygen-forensic

12 Paraben Forensic Products Oxygen Forensic Secure View
Tree Comparison Forensic Tools Paraben Forensic Products Oxygen Forensic Secure View Device Seizure Paraben Sticks (iOS and Android) Droid Root Capability Geo Event Positioning Works well in basic/smart phone Very User Friendly Reliable Product for Examiner Cheap & Easy to Use Advanced search through phone database Pin Breaking Ability Process of image can be longer Trial is hard to get (will have to wait) Not all Sticks Execute & Read Correctly 30-day trial free & easy

13 (46% of Teens text & driving) Think Green- Recycle Properly
Take Away: The World Smartphone rule is – No Texting and Driving (46% of Teens text & driving) Think Green- Recycle Properly

14 Software/Resources Tools:


16 Questions???

17 Thanks to the following
EC-Council Paul Coggin, Dynetics Calhoun Community College Students & Faculty (Dr. Naina, Tammy, Nisheeth) Maribeth & Larry Newman & Christine Alvarez

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