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Sharon Wallace-Wilson MSN/Ed, RN Adventurer Zone C Administrator Adventurer Manual

2 Objectives At the end of this session, the attendee will:
Define the term family network Discuss the composition of the plan Relate the need for a family network to your club Recognize the advantages of the family network Express understanding of the presented information Plan to start a family network for your adventurer club Adventurer Manual

3 Outline Definition Introducing the Idea Rewards for parents
Planning a meeting Sample program Possible topics Themes Subtopics Advantages of The Family Network Adventurer Manual

4 INTRODUCTION Improve their understanding of what makes families strong
Philosophy of the Adventurer Club Two objectives of the club: Improve their understanding of what makes families strong Develop parental support for the training of children The philosophy of the Adventurer club is to assist parents in making the development of their children a richer and more meaningful experience. Adventurer Manual

5 children for Jesus Christ.
BACKGROUND - PURPOSE The Adventurer Club exists for the purpose of supporting parents in the task of raising children for Jesus Christ. Adventurer Manual

6 The world of the Adventurer-age child is centered around the family.
Reminders The world of the Adventurer-age child is centered around the family. In order to change children's lives for God, the cooperation of the parents and family must be enlisted, wherever possible Adventurer Manual

7 Two or more people who share goals and values
Families : Definition Two or more people who share goals and values Have long-term commitments to one another Adventurer Manual

8 Family Network A regular event An opportunity Parent-based Worthwhile
The Adventurer Family Network is: A regular event An opportunity Parent-based Worthwhile Simple to start Regular event- may be held monthly during the club meeting or at any other time that is convenient to the staff and parents. May involve speakers, book and study groups, sharing times. An opportunity, especially for parents to share inspiration, support and information which will help to make families happy, healthy places for kids to grow in Jesus. Parent based: Parents have a part in choosing topics and activities, finding speakers and resources, sharing and listening from their own experiences. Simple to start: The Adventurer Club director or the family network coordinator meets with parents to set the direction for the club, then uses the parental input and materials to find presenters and resources that will make the plan successful Adventurer Manual

9 Advantages of Family Network
Improved Communication Family Atmosphere Increased Commitment Improved Participation Improve Social Skills and Habits Spread of Information Communication Communication is established between the club and the parents through personal talks, phone calls and letters. Parents are made aware of the goals of the club and their role in fulfilling those goals. Use this as an opportunity to listen to any concerns that they may have as this is communication- two way. Parents have many reasons for enrolling their children in the Adventurer Club and even though some may not sit well with us, we realize that we have two hour each time we meet that child to make an impression on the child. Maybe the only time they will hear about God. Family Atmosphere Parents use their special gifts to assist the Club in many ways, as counselors, assistant teachers, advertisers, fundraisers, supporters Spread of Information Information is sometime lost when notes and notices are given to he children. The parents will be there to get the information firsthand. Improved Social Skills Not everyone was fortunate to grow up in a home where social skills were taught and expected. Many of our children are grown by individuals who are not very graceful or sociable. This allows for poor and unwelcomed behavior that may make us feel uncomfortable. This may be a chance to involve these people and give them a voice. I am sure that when we socialize with them, they will learn from others who have more graceful behaviors and hopefully pass it on to the children. Adventurer Manual

10 Steps for Organizing an AFN
Learn about the AFN Have a talk with Adventurer staff and parents Talk with your local Pastor Review the suggested topics in year #1 Determine when you want to start and plan the first program Studying the resources in the Adventurer manual which is prepared by the NAD, or consult with your conference director Discuss how to coordinate with other ministries of the church (family life) Adjust the topics as seen fit: Adding topics parents may be interested in Eliminating topics that you choose not to deal with for that particular year Changing the wording of topics to make them more attractive to your group of parents Solicit the parent’s input on choosing topics , volunteering, time and nature of succeeding meetings Make a schedule of planned meeting dates and topics Decide what the learning outcomes for this first session will be. Remember, the success of all the other meetings may rest on this first meeting. Make it interesting. Arrange publicity speakers and needed materials for each meeting. Snacks, paper, ask parents to help , most individuals like to know that they were considered important to be asked to do something. Get feedback to help you know what is working and the changes that need to be made Adventurer Manual

11 Steps to organize an AFN cont’d
Distribute attractive flyers to all parents Solicit parents input Make a schedule of planned meetings Plan first meeting Advertise the meetings Adventurer Manual

12 Attracting Parents to AFN
Obligation Time of meeting Childcare Personal invitation 1. Obligation: expect all parents to attend the meetings as a condition of membership obligations 2. Hold meetings at the time when parents and Adventurer Club staff can be present 3. Providing childcare may be a plus but is not mandatory 4. Send out invitations by mail to catch the attention of the parents, attach a schedule of the proposed plans for the year. Let the parents know that you see them as being an integral part of the Adventurer Club. Adventurer Manual

13 Attracting Parents to AFN cont’d
Attractive advertisement Solicit help of the church to advertise Attractive plans Media advertisement 1. Advertise in the church bulletin , ask other individuals at church to help. 2. Plan to hold a parent program once a year in a non-church setting, invite community or social groups to co-sponsor event. 3. Plan to host an event where guests are invited to see what the network is doing 4. Ensure that everyone feel at home when they come to a meeting. Icebreakers will help them to interact and get to know each other. 5. Serve refreshments which are in conformity to our health standards. 6.Stay in contact with the parents after the meetings to illicit feedback Adventurer Manual

14 Network Reward Award Pin Adventurer Class Pins Awarded at investiture
A series of pins are given to parents in recognizing their commitment to the Adventurer Club and the Family Network. Pins are crafted in the likeness of the class pins of the Adventurer Club Adventurer Manual

15 Award Criteria Attendance at Network Meetings
Supporting the Adventurer Club leadership Participation in Adventurer Club functions Child participation and investiture in Adventurer Club Class Adventurer Manual

16 Planning an AFN Meeting
Keep the goal in mind Positive reinforcement for parents Communicate not lecture Have a main event, remember the interests Use projector, Power Points to aid presentation Demonstration of key points Support group anyone? Plan follow-up activities Joint venture with Family life and Youth ministries Emphasize prayer Adventurer Manual

17 Curriculum Four Year Cycle Themes Family Relationship
Anchoring in Christ The Developing Child Growing Through Challenges Sub Topics are seminar titles The Adventurer curriculum is related to the suggested topics. May I suggest that the topics for that set of meetings could be related to what the child is doing in their adventurer class. Adventurer Manual

18 Family Network Curriculum
Year 1: Family Relationships Positive Parenting Family Fun Activities Time Management: Finding time for what is important Respect is for Everyone This set of topics recognize that the parents are the most important teachers of the children. No parent is perfect, parents are dealing with a myriad of issues which may affect how they are and react to situations, low self-esteem, stress, lack of education, family background. The information received in the programs will help to foster characteristics that will make up strong families where individuals are respectful to each other, appreciative, supportive. Families will appreciate the warmth of family togetherness and the joy of pleasant memories shared through family fun Share ideas on activities that families can enjoy together. Each meeting will have a planned outcome and everyone will work towards that goal. Know how to use several time management skills such as prioritizing, goal-setting towards complete tasks Learn how to spend time with God Establish regular family times Recognize that mutual respect is a strong part of strong families Adventurer Manual

19 Respect “REMEMBER THAT CHILDREN HAVE RIGHTS WHICH MUST BE RESPECTED” AH 306 Parents should practice what they preach, Show respect to the children. Adventurer Manual

20 Family Network Curriculum
Year 1: Anchoring in Christ Leading Your Child to Christ Raising Kids Who Really Care Teaching Kids About Prayer Making Christian Standards Make Sense With each topic, there are specific active learning activities that are related to the topic of the day Adventurer Manual

21 Family Network Curriculum
Year 1: The Developing Child Physical Development: Growing Healthy Kids How Children Differ: Temperament and Personality Teaching Kids About Sexuality Setting Realistic Expectations Parents will understand the basic physical development to expect Adventurer Manual

22 Family Network Curriculum cont’d
Year 1: Growing Through Challenges Discipline as Discipling: Sharing The Victorious Christian Life Single Parenting Safety Issues in Today’s World Peer Pressure Adventurer Manual

23 Family Network Curriculum YR 2
Family Relationships How Your Family of Origin Can Affect Your Family Today Enhancing Sibling Relationships Growing a Support Network Strengthening Family Communication Adventurer Manual

24 Family Network Curriculum YR 2
Anchoring Children in Christ Exploring Nature: God’s Second Book Helping Kids Deal With Prejudice Teaching Kids How to Use the Bible Positive Sabbath Keeping Adventurer Manual

25 Family Network Curriculum YR 2
The Developing Child Social Development: Helping Your Child Be a Friend Building Self-Esteem Teaching Kids About Money Play is for Real: Encouraging Healthy Play Adventurer Manual

26 Family Network Curriculum YR 2
Growing Through Challenges Constructive Discipline: Encouraging Positive Behavior How to Thrive as a Non-Traditional Family Raising Drug-Proof Kids Creative Conflict Resolution Adventurer Manual

27 Family Network Curriculum YR 3
Family Relationships Styles of parenting Latchkey Kids and Other Child-care Issues Keeping Marriage Fresh Family Meetings Adventurer Manual

28 Family Network Curriculum YR 3
Anchoring Children in Christ Directing Your Child’s Spiritual Growth Fostering a Mission Spirit Creative Family Worships Occult, New Age and Kids Adventurer Manual

29 Family Network Curriculum YR 3
The Developing Child Emotional Development: Nurturing Your Child’s Emotional Health Developing Talents and Gifts Teaching About Work and Responsibility Preparing Kids for Adulthood in the 21st Century Adventurer Manual

30 Family Network Curriculum YR 3
Growing Through Challenges Dealing Positively With Negative Behavior Nurturing the Special Needs Child What You Need to Know About Child Abuse Stress and the Family Adventurer Manual

31 Family Network Curriculum YR 4
Family Relationships Family Bonding: Growing Warm Relationships Changing Family Roles Taking Care of You Encouraging Statements: Words that Make a Difference Adventurer Manual

32 Family Network Curriculum YR 4
Anchoring in Christ Passing on Christian Values Teaching Christian Courtesy Growing a Spiritual Life: Involving Kids in Private Devotions Adventurer Manual

33 Family Network Curriculum YR 4
The Developing Child Teaching Kids to be Faithful Stewards Intellectual Development: Learning in and Beyond School Nurturing Creativity Steps to Independence Toys and Things for Kids Adventurer Manual

34 Family Network Curriculum YR 4
Growing Through Challenges Anger Management for Parents and Kids Dealing with Grief Guiding Entertainment Choices Family Finance Adventurer Manual

35 Sample Program Topic: Teaching Kids About Sexuality
Program Outcome: Parents will feel more comfortable about when and how to talk to their child about sex Prayer Activities : Watch Video/Game Snack Discussion Closing with Prayer Supplies needed: note cards and pens, video on how to talk to child about sexuality Children should be taught that God created sex and it is good Parents will also realize that their children receive many messages from the media Adventurer Manual

36 Recommended Readings Flowers, Ron & Karen., Empowering Families to Growth and Change, Advent Source, #351252 White, Ellen, G., Adventist Home White, Ellen G., Mind, Character and Personality Kuzma, Kay., Helping Kids Deal with Death White, Ellen, G., Child Guidance North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist, Adventurer Manual, Chapter 7, pp Many more reference books and videos, cds, DVDs are available in Christian bookstores. Adventurer Manual

37 QUESTIONS ? Adventurer Manual



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