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By: Kim Waters and April Draffin. 1928 – Charmin is manufactured by Hoberg Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Design described as Charming by and.

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1 By: Kim Waters and April Draffin

2 1928 – Charmin is manufactured by Hoberg Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Design described as Charming by and employee. Charmin Brand name created (Pronounced SHAR-MIN).

3 1950s – Hoberg changes the name to Charmin Paper Company. 1953 – Charmin Baby is born and takes its place on the packaging, along with the Charmin Lady. 1956 – Charmin Lady replaced with Charmin Babies Your Skin graphics on the packaging 1957 – Procter & Gamble aquire Charmin Paper Company

4 1964 – Mr. Whipple (A.K.A. George the Grocer) character created to promote Charmins Squeezable Softness. "Ladies, please don't squeeze the Charmin!"

5 1964 – Mr. Whipple campaign was created by the Benton & Bowles Agency in the mid 1960s Mr. Whipple promoted Charmin for more than 20 years In 1979 a poll showed that the Mr. Whipple character was the third best known American, behind Richard Nixon and Billy Graham. Most recognizable ad slogan

6 1985 – Mr. Whipple hangs up his grocers apron The original 504 ads ran from 1965 until 1989 putting Wilson in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest running television commercial. Mr. Whipple is long retired but still fondling toilet paper in the darkest recesses of our memory.

7 Financial Analysis The Market Advancement of TP still slow as late as 1935. At that time Northern was proud of its splinter-free paper. Currently a 4.7 billion dollar industry. US is recognized as top mfg of high-end goods.

8 Financial Analysis Top Competitors Procter & Gamble Georgia-Pacific Kimberly Clark

9 Financial Analysis Procter & Gamble 24.5% of market D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Agency Charmin Publicis Worldwide, part of the Publicis Groupe (Current Agency)

10 Financial Analysis Georgia-Pacific 38.9% - Largest market DDB Worldwide Agency Angle Soft – brand Quilted Northern - brand

11 Financial Analysis Kimberly Clark 12.7% of market Cottonelle WPP Group Agency

12 Financial Analysis The P&G Market 2003: reported revenues of $40.2b 2003: $12b Baby, Feminine & Family Care 2003: Net Sales = $43,377m 2003: Mkt & Research Expense = $13,383m Brands sold in 160 countries Over 5 billion consumers 2002: 1,004,000 common stock shareholders Employees 102,000 people

13 The Campaign D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles –Mr. Whipple –Original Budweiser Frogs Original advertising idea - invite customers to squeeze the packages of bathroom tissue- as they do to check ripeness of produce items. Then they thought store managers would disapprove. Hence, the crochety character was born. The character was named after a real person, George Whipple, head of Benton & Bowles PR.

14 The Campaign Brand Image – knocked Scott Tissue out of #1 spot. According to a 1978 newspaper poll, Mr. Whipple was the third best- Kknown American, after President Richard Nixon and the Reverend Billy Graham. He appears for more than 20 years in TV, radio and print advertising.

15 The Campaign Differentiating the product….. Charmins message was/is squeezably soft communicating it at every possibly chance –Spokesmen –Soft focus product shots –Splashy magazine ads –Billboards –Etc.

16 The Campaign Positioning in the marketplace: –If Charmin is so squeezably soft then where does that leave everyone else? Top of the mind awareness: –They irritated them with repetitious commercials and it worked like magic. –When asked which campaign they most disliked, consumers convicted Mr. Whipple….Charmin may not have been popular advertising, but it was #1 in sales. –Why do some bad ads work and some good ads fail?

17 The Campaign After P.& G. retired Mr. Whipple, the company spent years searching for an effective strategy that would differentiate Charmin. The company even brought Mr. Whipple out of retirement in 1999, but that did not last. D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, turned to an animated bear to restore some pride to the Charmin franchise A playful campaign

18 The Campaign P.& G. last year moved the Charmin account to Publicis Worldwide, part of the Publicis Groupe –Broadcast spots –State Fairs –Festivals –Potty Palooza (32 truck w/12 outfitted restrooms. HW floors, candles…etc. To offer an alternative to portable latrines).

19 The Campaign P&G buys > 10% of all US television advertising. Made the 1 st superbowl add in Feb 2003 for Charmin Softer and stronger for your end zone

20 The Campaign P&G spends $4.3b annually on tv ads Total market est. at $30b

21 The Campaign Charmin is playful Quilted Northern is quilted because they care Cottonell is Looking out for the family



24 Contributions made by The P&G Fund and Corpoarte Contributions in North America -2000 $ 28.0 million -2001 27.5 million -2002 29.5 million

25 Future Endeavors -Target Men -Come up with another ad campaign to promote the Top Of The Mind Awareness approach like they did with Mr. Whipple

26 Questions/Comments "People are sentimental. The important thing to remember about brands is that they are built from a consistent form of behavior. It's almost always a mistake to throw out something in favor of a newer market,"

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