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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Key Terms Famous People BattlesThe Revolution Important Events Important Documents main.

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5 With Host... Your

6 100 200 300 400 500 Key Terms Famous People BattlesThe Revolution Important Events Important Documents main

7 German mercenaries hired by the British. A 100 100a Who are Hessians?

8 Organized to coordinate written communication outside of the colony. A 200 What are committees of correspondence?

9 Granted African Americans freedom if they fought for the King. A 300 What is Lord Dunmores Proclamation?

10 He was responsible for moving the war to the south. A 400 Who is Sir Henry Clinton?

11 Enabled Britain to enforce the Navigation Acts. A 500 What are writs of assistance?

12 Colonial naval commander who led colonial navy in attacking sinking hundreds of individual British ships. B 100 100b Who is John Paul Jones?

13 Frenchman who supported the American ideals and helped lead the Continental Army. B 200 Who is Marquis de Lafayette?

14 Volunteer who helped drill soldiers into shape. B 300 Who is Baron Friedrich von Steuben?

15 Leader of the guerilla soldiers in the Southern colonies. B 400 Who is Francis Marion?

16 The two men who rode with Paul Revere on his midnight ride. B 500 Who are Samuel Prescott and William Dawes?

17 Last major battle of the American Revolution. C 100 100c What is the Battle of Yorktown?

18 Battle in which Washington changed tactics and went on the offensive. C 200 What is the Battle of Trenton?

19 Turning point of the Revolutionary War in which foreign allies began to help the colonists. C 300 What is the Battle of Saratoga?

20 Battle that ended the war in the north. C 400 Who is the Battle at Monmouth?

21 Gathered an army and captured British Forts bringing the Ohio Valley under American control. C 500 Who is George Rogers Clark?

22 Two major colonial groups during the Revolution. D 100 100d Who are Loyalists and Patriots?

23 First shots fired of the American Revolution. D 200 What is the shot heard round the world?

24 Document in which Great Britain recognized the colonies as being independent. D 300 What is the Treaty of Paris?

25 Major factors that enabled America to win the war. D 400 What foreign aid, skilled leaders, fighting for a cause, distance between Britain and colonies, and unfamiliar terrain for British?

26 D 500 Negotiated the peace treaty for the Patriots. Who is Benjamin Franklin?

27 Countries that helped the colonists during the revolution. E 100 100e What are France, Spain, Holland and Prussia?

28 Plan by Burgoyne to defeat the colonists. E 200 What is lead his troops south from Canada while General Howe leads his troops north from New York to divide the colonies?

29 Actions taken by the First Continental Congress. E 300 What is halted trade with Britain, colonial militias prepare for war, and drafted Declaration of Rights?

30 Actions taken by the Second Continental Congress. E 400 What is created continental army, appointed George Washington to command army and sent Olive Branch Petition?

31 Period of non-interference by the English government to the colonies to benefit both. E 500 What is salutary neglect?

32 Formal announcement by the colonists that they were leaving England. F 100 100f What is the Declaration of Independence?

33 Pamphlet published that spread the message that the Continental Army needed soldiers to enlist. F 200 What is the crisis?

34 Final peace request sent by the Americans to the British. F 300 What is the Olive Branch Petition?

35 Main ideas of the Declaration of Independence and date signed. F 400 What are all men are equal (unalienable rights), King had violated rights, colonists have right to break away, August 2, 1776?

36 Main components of the Treaty of Paris. F 500 What is the U.S. is recognized, established borders, Americans have rights to settle west of original 13 colonies Spain gets Florida, and loyalist land returned?

37 The Final Jeopardy Category is: The War Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin Finalcategory

38 Colonial strengths and weaknesses and British strengths and weaknesses. Click on screen to continue finalquestion What are: colonial strengths: foreign aid, fought for cause, & leadership; weaknesses: untrained and poorly equipped soldiers and small navy British strengths: well trained and equipped soldiers and large powerful navy; weaknesses: had to cross Atlantic ocean used mercenaries, and weak leaders?

39 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy!

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