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Managing the Tackle Defining the tackle? The Gate…

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2 Managing the Tackle

3 Defining the tackle?

4 The Gate…

5 What the Tackler Wants? Stop ball carriers progress Steal the ball Slow the oppositions ball and wait for help

6 What the Tackler Can Do: Release the tackled player and move away Regain feet and play ball directly, no need for gate (first tackler only) Leave tackle/ruck area and get onside

7 What the Tackled Player Wants Recycle the ball to teammates Not let opposition steal the ball Hang on until help arrives

8 What the Tackled Player Can Do: Pass the ball, without delay Post the ball in any direction (can score) Release the ball, get up and play the ball Roll away

9 Arriving players

10 Arriving players: Defenders want to Poach the ball Slow down the attackers ball Kill the ball Ruck over and win the ball Set defense to stop pick and drive or SH pick

11 Arriving players: Support players want to Clear away defenders Seal the ball from opposition Tip possible poachers so they must release Pick and Drive Set up and secure Ruck for next phase

12 Referee, What To Do? Be close, and early! Was it a legal tackle? (high, dangerous, complete?) Watch for the first offence ( 1 - tackler, 2 - tackled player, 3 - arriving players) Watch players arrive through the Gate Verbalize command words: Tackler release!, or Blue #8 roll away Release, no hands! Ruck! Watch for the intent to spoil, no sympathy

13 Referee Hints Set standard early Use player numbers 75% and up Get Captains involved for repeated Loud commands to let all know of control Keep feet moving, dont get caught at the side! Attacking side 90%, 5% move from attack to defend, 5% defending (scoring) Be decisive

14 7 Reasons to Use Player #! Puts onus on offender Adds professionalism instead of hey you Credibility, if you just use color there are 14 others not offending that disagree Lets opposition know you have the problem Reduces the use of Boots Helps with management at next stoppage Helps you remember repeat offenders Gets results

15 How to remember #s Pre-game put a face/identifier to numbers 6-7-8 As tackle is happening check #s After ruck check #s of people you missed Practice and set goals

16 Is Blue player off-side?

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