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Syllabus Review Remember Class Blog is

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1 Syllabus Review Remember Class Blog is

2 Writing Resumes and Cover Letters Interviewing Tips Dr. Kristen Landreville August 25, 2010

3 Vanity Search You need to know whats out there about you. Search your full name in quotes on Google and a few other search engines. What do you find? Is there anything a potential employer may find offensive, immature, inappropriate?

4 Resumes See Class Blog Post for Instructions & Grading Rubric and Sample Resumes and Cover Letters:

5 Resume Format Name and contact information (permanent, present) Education Work experience, brief description of responsibilities Relevant and helpful skills (e.g., computer/technical knowledge, second language) Organizational memberships (e.g., PRSSA) Awards References Name, title, relationship, contact information

6 Resume Tips Organize the topics in such a way that best highlights you and your fit for the job Keep it clean and simple, no fancy fonts and graphics If you do not have any information to enter under a particular category, leave it out. Do not write none. Many of you may not have publications, if thats the case, just eliminate that category from the resume. Use past tense for past jobs and present tense for current jobs

7 Review of Sample Resume Whats good? What could use work? What stands out?

8 Cover Letters

9 Cover Letter Format (limit to 1 page) Your name and contact information at the top Name and title of specific person who will get the job application (typically a managing editor) Paragraph 1: Get the readers interest with the lead (i.e., opening sentence). Soft or hard. Paragraphs 2-4: Explain who you are, your experience (work, college courses), personal qualities, what you can offer to the business Paragraph 5: End with putting the ball in your court You will call to arrange an interview in 10 days to two weeks Youre looking forward to speaking with them

10 Cover Letter Tips Be straightforward, not cute, not boring. Get to the point quick: Why are you applying? You may highlight one or two important or unique things that are in your resume. Triple-check spelling, grammar, names, and titles.

11 Cover Letter - Attention Getters Direct Approach Please consider me for a reporting internship… Reference Approach One of my good friends who studied journalism with me at the University of Wyoming, and is a current employee, said that I would be a great addition to the team. Autobiographical Approach One of my first memories is of a reporter interviewing me after I survived a car crash. That was the impetus that began a lifelong love of journalism. Experience Approach How many reporters do you know that have experience meeting people while nude?

12 Review of Cover Letter Whats good? What could use work? What stands out?

13 Interviewing (Review on your own time)

14 Interviewing: Whats Under Your Control Do your homework. Learn as many names, faces, and titles as you can Learn about the company history and objectives Dress conservatively. Be prompt and prepared. Concentrate to remember names and titles of people you meet Be enthusiastic. Smile and be responsive. Be yourself. Be honest. Do not give false impressions. Frame as much as you can in a positive light. Ask questions. Show your curiosity about the company and concern for the job.

15 Interviewing: Preparing to Field Questions Why do you want to work for this organization? Because its large, small, community-oriented, business-oriented, nonprofit, prestigious, etc. Be honest Why did you want to become a public relations professional, journalist, etc? Did someone influence you? Do you love promoting products and events? What are your goals as a public relations professional, journalist, etc? Be sincere. But emphasize how this job helps you accomplish your goals.

16 Interviewing: Preparing to Field Questions What books, magazines, and newspapers do you read? What other interests do you have? May want to highlight volunteer work. What can you do for this organization? Why should I hire you? Highlight what makes you unique. Your experience? Your special skills? Dont be arrogant. Tone is everything. What do you think this organization can improve upon? Dont say its terrible and you can save it. Name a few things to work on and be diplomatic.

17 Interviewing: Preparing to Field Questions What was your favorite story that you wrote, or your favorite public relations campaign you worked on, and why? Highlight your specific interests in the experience and why it excited you, moved you, inspired you, etc. How would you cover this issue? How would you approach a campaign for this issue? Do the best you can to come up some interesting approaches. Use your past experiences or personal experiences as a guide. What questions do you have? Asking questions shows interest. You may want to consider workload, community-feel of the company, expectations of bosses, salary/benefits (but dont ask this first) Thank them for their time. Express eagerness to hear from them.

18 Editing Your Resume Exchange your resume with a partner. Put partners name on top of resume. Partner: Make suggestions, edits, comments, advice, etc. I will walk around and help. Final Resume DUE: Mon. Aug. 30. IN CLASS Hard copy After I edit and return them, post to blog (more directions later).

19 Writing Your Cover Letter Write a cover letter to an organization that youd like to work for. I will walk around and help. Peer-edit, if you desire. Be sure to check for grammar and spelling. Final Cover Letter DUE: Mon. Aug. 30. IN CLASS Hard copy

20 Center for Advising and Career Services CACS can help you with: Academic advising A&S transcript evaluation and degree checks Career counseling/exploration Career assessments (preferences, interests) Job & internship search Resume help Practice interviews Career fairs Online job postings Contact: 222 Knight Hall – 307-766-2398 –

21 For Next Time… Lecture on Attributes of Objective Journalism Read: Foust Ch. 1, Briggs Intro

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