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2 CIMS: What Is It? Management framework designed to assist cleaning organizations develop and maintain quality, customer-focused organizations Based on universally accepted management principles that are hallmarks of successful cleaning organizations Assists organizations to more effectively allocate resources

3 Identifies the CIMS certified contractor as a credible, quality, and customer-focused organization Distinguishes the CIMS certified contractor from companies who are all talk by offering third-party validation that they actually do what they say they are going to do. Helps the CIMS certified contractor deliver a consistently high level of service Offers assurance that the CIMS certified contractor has management systems and processes are in compliance with the industrys leading standard and best-practices How does CIMS certification benefit customers?

4 Enables the CIMS certified contractor to reduce costs and pass along savings to customers Ensures the CIMS certified contractor has a sustainable business model to provide long- term service to our customers Provides the CIMS certified contractor with flexibility needed to meet customer demands in a changing economy How does CIMS certification benefit customers?

5 How does a CIMS-GB certification benefit customers? Identifies the application of environmentally preferable cleaning practices in addition to the management best- practices outlined in the five core sections of CIMS Enables the contractor to help customers achieve points under the U.S. Green Building Councils LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (LEED- EBOM) Green Building Rating System

6 CIMS Assessment Areas 1.Quality System Site specific scope of work or performance outcome describing cleaning service requirements. Service Quality Measurement Inspections Customer Evaluations, and more 2.Service Delivery Staffing Plan Bidding/Costing Process Emergency Response Invoicing/Charge-Back Procedures, and more 3.Human Resources Hiring Practices Management Training Timekeeping/Payroll Security, and more

7 CIMS Assessment Areas 4.Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship Regulatory Compliance Organization Policy/Environmental Management System Workplace Safety and Health Program Ability to meet Customer Environmental and Safety Requirements, and more 5.Management Commitment Mission, Vision and Values Responsibility and Authority Communication Plan Risk Management, and more 6.Green Building Procedures Green/High Performance Cleaning Program Purchase of Cleaning Products and Materials Cleaning Equipment Solid Waste Management (Recycling)

8 * CIMS-GB Case Studies * Recently, a number of organizations participated in the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Certification Case Study Program. Each organization went through the official certification process, underwent a comprehensive assessment and achieved certification to CIMS. Their experiences going through the process and the CIMS certification has had a powerful and positive effect on been their company and their clients. The CIMS- GB certification helps standardize cleaning procedures and operations.

9 Janitorial Services Decision Matrix Tool CSG has created a Janitorial Matrix which allows you to evaluate various proposals based on certain user-defined criteria. It also allows you to weigh each criterion that will be considered while evaluating the proposal. The file is set up to review three contractors, but you also have the ability to add more. The "Decision Matrix" is where you will find the criteria such as cost, references, etc. on which the proposals will be evaluated. We have entered sample weight for each criterion, but they can be changed by the user. CIMS certification is one of the criteria. "Graphs" shows a completed graph of your final evaluation. Notes would be used to take minutes of your evaluation, meeting along with your action items. Ratings will be given for each contractor's proposal. Finally, all this data would be used to evaluate the proposals.

10 Janitorial Decision Matrix Sample

11 Contractors Evaluation Chart Contractor Average RatingTotal Percentage Contract Services Group5.00100% Contractor B3.3379% Contractor C2.3351%

12 CSG-Meeting the demands for Green Buildings! The sustainability movement is no longer a trend, and green initiatives are now a permanent fixture. The need for environmentally sound business decisions extends into the management of all facilities, as evidenced by a wave of products designed to meet environmental goals. When making purchasing decisions to address cleaning, suppliers and buyers alike you should consider if the contractor is CIMS-GB Certified. If you would like an in-person overview of CIMS and the Janitorial Services Evaluation Matrix, please contact us today @ (800) 732-7236 Ext. 152.

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