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Implementing Asset and Parts Warranty Programs in FASTER Danny Brashear CEM.

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1 Implementing Asset and Parts Warranty Programs in FASTER Danny Brashear CEM

2 WHAT ARE WE GOING TO COVER Parts and Equipment Warranties Setting them up How does it work Where does the warranty go Warranty Tracking Applet Some Warranty reports to look at Some Best Warranty Tracking Practices

3 OVERVIEW OF WARRANTY CONCEPT Warranties are the vehicle, Equipment or parts manufacturer guarantee that they stand behind the quality of their product. It Is a promise to the customer that their products are free from defects in material and workmanship. FASTER provides the tools to track all types of warranties.

4 PARTS WARRANTIES Most parts today come with some sort of warranty whether the warranty is measured by time or usage. If your not tracking your parts warranties, you may be loosing a lot of money, your parts vendors know this and are hoping you dont track the warranty. You can even create your own (in-house) warranty for parts too.

5 SETTING UP A PARTS WARRANTY Parts Inventory Applet/Warranty Tab, right side. Bottom left shows the assets with that part issued still under warranty.

6 SET UP NON-STOCK PARTS WARRANTIES Set up specific warranties on the Non-Stock Part Issue dialog on the right side as you receive and issue the parts. This warranty will be automatically added to the birth certificate record of that part.

7 WHICH CODES NEED TO BE SET UP PWT – Parts Warranty Type PWC – Parts Warranty Cycle

8 HOW DOES IT WORK Issuing a part under warranty Issue part as a new part, then part is added to WO. Issue part as a warranty, you must tell the system how much money to credit back, then a warranty will be automatically added to the credit tab of the Work Order. When a part is issued under warranty, an r will show to indicate that the part was replaced. The ability to issue a part at Zero Cost is no longer an option. These changes were made to provide full accounting for parts that are replaced when under warranty.

9 ISSUING A PART AS WARRANTY Whenever work is done, if the part is issued again to the same vehicle within the warranty period, you see a warranty popup message. You can choose to add a new part one of three ways: At full cost – 100 % (no credit giving) At zero cost – (replaced with full credit giving) At pro-rated or partial cost – ( replaced with partial credit giving)




13 EQUIPMENT WARRANTIES All assets come with some kind of warranty and some have many different types of warranties depending on the type of asset it is. FASTER system will allow the user to track as many different warranties as needed to each asset and track any special needs as well. All warranty types are user defined giving the end user the most flexibility to specify those special or extended warranties.

14 SETTING UP EQUIPMENT WARRANTY Equipment warranty tab of the birth certificate at the top in the middle

15 WHICH CODES NEED TO BE SET UP EWT – Equipment Warranty Type Warranty Cycle is hard coded


17 SETTING UP THE RTY TRACKING First you need to set up the repair type reasons that you want the warranties to be tied to System Settings applet on the EQ Warranty tab Next you need to set up the association for each repair type to the warranty type

18 HOW DOES IT NOTIFY THE USER As soon as the repair group is selected, the repair type generator displays a window showing the warranty repair type reason. This alerts the user the repair may be covered by a warranty.


20 WARRANTY COST PER ASSET On the History tab of the birth certificate, you can find the total cost for warranty either by month or year and now you can export that to Excel




24 GRAPHIC S MODULE IDEAS What about adding warranty documents to the birth certificate as a Graphic Document Add a copy from the parts contract or purchase order Any extended warranty programs or documents Warranty claim forms Process documents on submitting a warranty claim Who to submit to Where to send Special processes Etc.

25 BALANCING WARRANTY BENEFITS At what point do you decide to just fix the problem rather then take it back to a dealer? In some cases its just practical to fix it yourself. An example would be a $10.00 part failure on a new vehicle that is covered by the manufacturers warranty. The $10.00 part would actually cost you the labor time for two technicians to transport the vehicle to and from the dealership, in addition to extending the downtime while the vehicle awaits repair in the dealers shop. In this situation the benefit would not outweigh the cost to obtain. Each occurrence has to be considered separately, and in cases like this is where maintenance shops lucky enough to be a factory authorized warranty shop (in-house) really benefit. Not only do they get reimbursed for the parts, they also get their labor paid for, too.

26 RE-CAP Set Up Parts Warranties Set Up Equipment Warranties Set Up Repair Code Notification Run your Warranty Reports Keep Up With Your Warranty Documents Track All Warranties

27 Questions?

28 Thank you for attending! Danny Brashear CEM 800-753-2783 – toll free 757-625-5114 – fax 757-623-1700 ext. 2201 – Direct I hope you enjoy the rest of the FASTER conference!

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