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How to Keep Your Willpower and Lose Your Weight

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1 How to Keep Your Willpower and Lose Your Weight
Presented by: Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman Website - www. - Scarsdale Library March 1, 2013

2 A Little Bit About Me Before After

3 Agenda for Today Quick Review of Workshop #1.
Review key points from Dr. Beck’s “Diet Solution Book”. Apply these key points to your own life.

4 Quick Review: Four Books
Today’s Workshop: How to Keep Your Willpower and Lose Your Weight Workshop #1: The Science of Bad Habits And Willpower: Make New Year’s Resolutions that You Will Keep

5 Review of Workshop #1 Willpower is a limited resource.
Glucose hijacks the brain. Make it a habit. Prevent, prevent, and then if you can’t prevent, avoid and then avoid. Develop beliefs that will inspire you, focusing on the long term consequences as opposed to the immediate rewards.

6 What Does Dr. Judith Beck Have to Say?

7 Key Points from the “Beck Diet Solution”
Brain before stomach. Be proactive (write it down, make response cards) Be mindful (sit while eating) Pick a weight loss program. Sit with feeling uncomfortable (mini-fast, meditation, being able to say, “oh well”). Recognize sabotaging thoughts and answering back with helpful responses. Give yourself credit. Be accepting.

8 Be Proactive Write down everything you are planning on eating.
Avoid triggers. Make response cards so you are prepared for any challenge. Identify and pick a distraction activity.

9 1st Response Card: Advantage Card
A response card is a tool that helps you change your mindset and overcome sabotaging thoughts. Read the card everyday and when you are struggling with a craving, temptation, or sabotaging thought. By reading everyday you make this into a habit. Make your own Advantage Card. My Advantage Card I’ll look better. I’ll be able to wear a smaller size. I’ll be in better health. I’ll feel better physically. I’ll feel more in control.

10 Be mindful Be mindful in the way you approach eating.
Builds resistance muscles and weakens the giving in muscles. Sitting while eating. Eating slowly. Noticing every bite. No distractions.

11 Sabotaging Thoughts: Eating While Standing Up
Helpful Responses I need to sit down to eat. When I stand up, I eat too much without realizing it. I might not want to give up this behavior, but I’ll enjoy being thinner more. Just this one time is not ok. Each time I stand up, I build my giving in muscle. If I want to lose or maintain weight can’t do this. I enjoy spontaneous munching. I don’t want to stop while standing up. It’s ok if I stand up this one time. It’s just an apple. I’ll eat next time sitting down.

12 No Pain, No Gain Sit with feeling uncomfortable (hunger is not an emergency) Mini-fast Is it worse than root canal? Is it a craving or hunger?

13 Helpful Responses to Common Sabotaging Thoughts.
Hunger is not an emergency. Stand firm. NO Choice. Remind yourself of the whole story, not just the beginning. Remember the whole picture. Don’t delude yourself. “It’s Not Ok” Response Card. Stay away from “what the heck phenomena”. “Get Back on Track” Response Card.

14 It’s Not Ok and Get Back on Track Response Cards
It’s Not Ok Response Card Get Back on Track Response Card Okay I shouldn’t have eaten that… I made a mistake… This one mistake is certainly not going to make me gain weight this week. It’s a million times better to stop now than to allow myself to eat more. I deserve credit for stopping. It’s not ok to go in the kitchen after 9pm. It’s not ok to eat crumbs. Every time I do so I wind up eating more or something that I am not supposed to. I also feel bad afterwards. Even though it does taste good for a few minutes, it is not worth it.

15 Give Yourself Credit. Give yourself credit for engaging in helpful eating behaviors. Write down CREDIT and remind yourself to give yourself credit.

16 Be Accepting:“Oh Well”
Saying, “oh well” means I don’t like it this, but I’ll accept this and move on. True acceptance allows us to relinquish the struggle and allows us to have the energy to focus on what we can control rather than on what we can’t control. I really feel hungry. Oh well. I don’t feel like writing down what I ate. Oh well. This is too hard and not fair. Oh well. I wish I could eat what I wanted all the time. Oh well.

17 What’s Your Sabotaging Thoughts? What’s Your Responses?
Common Sabotaging Thoughts Helpful Responses No it’s not ok to eat something I didn’t plan for. Each time I do, I strengthen my giving-in muscle instead of my resistance ones. If I want to be thin, then I can’t eat when I’m upset. I get only a few seconds of pleasure for eating unplanned food, but then I feel bad afterwards. I want to lose weight more than the few seconds of pleasure. Nothing tastes as good as seeing the boy who dumped you in high school at your 20 year reunion and he says, “You look really good”. It’s ok to eat this just one time. Since I cheated a little I might as well eat whatever I want. I’m upset, I should be allowed to eat. I can’t stand being hungry.

18 What I Did Personally to Lose 25 Pounds and Keep It Off
Make It a Habit. Keep My Sugar Level Stable. Avoid My Triggers. Write It Down. Make It Public. Change My Beliefs to Be a Long Term Hedonist by Remembering the Advantages of Being Thin, Continually Fighting my Sabotaging Thoughts, and When I Fail Forgiving Myself and Going Right Back on Track (and on the scale).

19 Last Thoughts The discussion was based on Judith Beck’s The Beck Diet Solution Book. Visit the website: Come back on April 12th at 12 pm for the 3rd and final workshop-Putting It All Together: Practical Strategies for Making and Keeping the Habits We Desire . Can you make a commitment to read everyday the response cards we created: the advantage card, it’s not ok, get back on track cards. Make it a habit!!! Not enough to just think about these matters. Need to do it so eventually will become a habit and muscle memory will be formed. Feedback for me.

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