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Pitch Perfect?. Don Drapers pretty good at it.

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1 Pitch Perfect?

2 Don Drapers pretty good at it.


4 Who here thinks theyre pretty good at it?

5 In an IPA/ISBA survey only 8% of clients rated it as an efficient process.

6 Only 18% thought we should keep the existing one.

7 With a big difference in perceived cost. £178K A GENCY C ALCULATION £31K C LIENT E STIMATE

8 58% of clients thought it was time for a new process.

9 Some were already experimenting.

10 Catching the post recession mood of rejuvenation & reinvigoration.

11 So, the IPA/ISBA set up a task force to built on this mood.

12 Could a best practice guide be introduced?

13 One already exists.

14 Could a set of principles be established? eg. The 5 ps of pitching Process Preparation Professionalism Partnership Payment

15 These felt really useful.

16 But we wanted to go one step further.

17 Weve settled on 10 questions we could all dare to ask ourselves.

18 1. Do I really need a pitch at all? Pitch Perfect Pledge 2. Do I need a pitch consultant? 3. Who is project managing the pitch? 4. Have I sorted the internal politics? 5. What is my pitch budget? (time and money) 6. Are the right people involved? (at the right time with the right amount of time) 7. How am I managing the commercial part of the process? (as well as the ideas) 8. Why is each agency on the list? 9. Does my brief ask the right questions? 10. How short could the pitch be?

19 What next? Tell us What youre Doing? TRY Getting this fixed via our studio

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