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Computational Bat Flight Visualization Victor Mateevitsi.

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1 Computational Bat Flight Visualization Victor Mateevitsi

2 First attempt

3 Flight in the 20 th century

4 Genesis Aeronautical engineering used animal flight Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Uninhabited Micro Aerial Vehicles

5 Low cost Small size – Wingspan < 15cm, weight < 500g Flight behavior changes Aerodynamics more common to small birds and insects

6 How can we simulate birds flight ?

7 Computational Simulation Simulating flapping wing flight Computational models of the fluid, structures and full morphing body dynamics

8 Bat Flight Extremely maneuverable animals Efficient and effective flapping vehicles Morphing membrane instead of feathered wings

9 Bat Flight Motion Capture Breuer Lab and Swartz Lab (Brown University) High speed stereo digital video capture in wind tunnels and flight cages Body motion tracking using markers Fluid measurements using smoke

10 Videos atflight.html atflight.html

11 Videos

12 The power of visualization Without a visualization the simulation would be only numbers People understand better the results by actually looking at the flight simulation They can visually compare the actual bat flight with the simulated one

13 Bat Flight Visualization

14 Science Magazine Vis Challenge

15 References d.htm d.htm Q000Z/leonardo-da-vinci-flying-machine.jpg Q000Z/leonardo-da-vinci-flying-machine.jpg BatFlight.html BatFlight.html ages/0927science_viz_bat_lg.jpg ages/0927science_viz_bat_lg.jpg

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