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Portable Fire Extinguishers

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1 Portable Fire Extinguishers
Standard 29 CFR Part Presented by: Andreini & Company

2 Fire Extinguishers: Agenda
During this presentation, you will learn the following about fire extinguishers: When a fire extinguisher should and should not be used; How to choose the proper fire extinguisher; How to operate a fire extinguisher; and The necessary steps to ensure your safety.

3 Fire extinguisher use Fire extinguishers are designed to fight small fires in their early stages when a fire presents a relatively small hazard to the operator. When confronted with a need to use a fire extinguisher, remember: There is no property worth a human life in our facility. No one should ever feel that they are required to use a fire extinguisher, it is a judgment call.

4 When to use fire extinguishers
An incipient stage fire is: Small Slow to grow Minimal smoke Minimal heat Fire Extinguishers are Designed for Incipient Stage Fires Only If a fire is too large, if there is too much smoke, or if you are too frightened, DO NOT USE THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER. EVACUATE!

5 Types of Fires Fires are classified by the burning fuel:
Class A (A = Ash) Ordinary combustibles (paper, wood) Class B (B = Boil) Flammable and combustible liquids and gasses (gasoline, oil, propane) Class C (C = Current) Energized electrical (motors, wires) Class D Combustible Metal (aluminum, sodium) Class K Cooking fats and oils

6 Selecting a fire extinguisher to use
After determining what fuel is burning, we can choose from the following types of extinguishers in our facility: Dry Chemical Carbon dioxide Water/foam Halon/halon replacements Class K Note: Class D fires require special extinguishers and special training

7 Fight a small fire with PASS
P=Pull (pull the safety pin) A=Aim (Aim at the base of the fire) S=Squeeze (squeeze the operating handle) S=Sweep (sweep side to side) To operate a fire extinguisher, we use this word: PASS Each letter represents one of the operations:

8 A closer look at PASS Pull
-The safety pin is usually held in place by a plastic seal, it will pull off -Do not push down on the operating lever while pulling the pin, it won’t come out Aim -Aim at the base of the fire, the lowest flame closest to you -The base of the fire will recede from you as you use the extinguisher, so you must adjust your aim Squeeze -The operating lever is above the carrying handle. The operating lever opens the valve when you squeeze it down. When you let go, the valve closes and the discharge stops Sweep -Sweep the nozzle by moving your arm at the elbow -Direct the discharge to cover the entire width of the base of the fire

9 Steps to take when using a fire extinguisher
Alert others who are at risk from the fire Activate the fire alarm and call the fire department Position yourself between the fire and an exit Stay low Start from 8-10 feet back from the fire Use the PASS system You need to work fast, discharge time is short: generally seconds

10 Fire Extinguisher Safety Tips
Back away from the fire in case of re-ignition Avoid breathing smoke and products of combustion Always report fire extinguisher use to your supervisor Above all else: Never attempt to fight a fire if your instincts tell you it is unsafe

11 Conclusion Safety is always more valuable than property. Do not use a fire extinguisher if: A fire is too large, if there is too much smoke or if you are too frightened, DO NOT USE THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER. YOU MUST EVACUATE! Always alert others at risk and activate the fire alarm or call the fire department before using an extinguisher Your safety is more important than putting the fire out Always report use of a fire extinguisher: do not return used extinguishers to operation

12 Mark Centoni, Business Development Specialist
For more information For more information regarding Fire Extinguisher Operation, or other safety issues, please contact: Andreini & Company Mark Centoni, Business Development Specialist

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