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HTML for Bloggers and Content Managers Presented by Purple Pen Productions.

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1 HTML for Bloggers and Content Managers Presented by Purple Pen Productions

2 Purple Pen Productions

3 What well learn History and definition of HTML Syntax of HTML Common elements and attributes Structure of an HTML document Validating your markup Web standards

4 HTMLs roots are older than computers HTML (and a family of similar markup languages) has its roots in the newspaper business Newspapers were made without computers for a long time

5 Newspapers without computers With his trusty pencil and paper, a reporter would take notes about what was happening Then hed return to his office to type up his article on a manual typewriter

6 Newspapers without computers A photographer accompanied the reporter to take photos While the reporter wrote his article, the photographer developed his film in the dark room

7 Newspapers without computers The reporter would send his typewritten pages to the editor The photographer would send his photos to the editor

8 Newspapers without computers The editor would choose one or more photos The editor would make copyeditors marks on the typewritten page to show which text should be larger, smaller, underlined, bold, italic, etc.

9 Newspapers without computers The typesetter would follow the editors instructions and produce the final newspaper with different type sizes and treatments along with photos

10 The process is still basically the same WriterRaw contentMarkupInterpret

11 Documents stored on computers As people started using computers to store documents, they needed a way to give context to the content SGML (Standard General Markup Language) was developed to give context to different bits of content SGML is complex and difficult to learn

12 What is HTML? A special format for web documents Markup in the document tells a user agent how to interpret the document

13 World Wide Web When Tim Berners-Lee was developing the World Wide Web, he wanted a simpler way to give meaning to text and a way to link documents together He called the links to other document hypertext He took a subset of SGML that was simple and easy to learn - and HTML was born

14 Syntax of HTML Tags begin and and with angle brackets: <> A closing tag contains a slash This is a paragraph of text. The name of the tag and attributes are inside the angle brackets Google

15 Web standards: Separation Efficiency of code Ease of maintenance Accessibility Device compatibility Web crawlers and search engines (SEO) Good practice

16 HTML is for semantic meaning Use CSS for presentation, not HTML Avoid presentational HTML elements and attributes like font, valign, hspace, align, and bgcolor Use tables only to present tabular data and be sure to include summary and caption

17 Learn More Designing with Web Standards by Jeffery Zeldman HTML tutorials at

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