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The Atmosphere.

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1 The Atmosphere

2 Significance of the Atmosphere
Protection Meteoroids High energy radiation Helps moderate temperature Just perfect for living things Cellular Respiration vs Photosynthesis

3 Significance of the Atmosphere

4 Composition of the Atmosphere
Atmosphere Gases Oxygen 21% Nitrogen 78% Other Gases Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, Argon, etc ---1% Solid Particles (most microscopic)

5 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Atmosphere: What is it?


7 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Troposphere Atmospheric layer closest to the Earth’s surface Water vapor (clouds and precipitation) WEATHER: (define)

8 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Stratosphere The layer of the atmosphere that is above the troposphere Ozone layer (O3) Function: absorb harmful radiation Warms up this layer




12 Troposphere vs Stratosphere Video

13 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Temperature Inversion When cool air gets trapped in-between the Earth’s warmer troposphere and the surface of the Earth




17 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Why does Denver have a problem with the brown cloud or pollution sitting over the city?

18 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Mesosphere The coldest layer of the atmosphere located above the stratosphere Most meteoroids burn up here

19 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Thermosphere Atmospheric layer above the mesosphere No boundary—merges with space Temperatures reach a maximum of 1000°C (because molecules absorb solar radiation)

20 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
Ionosphere Not a distinct layer, but a regions of charged particles Important for radio communication Aurora


22 Energy and weather Conduction
the transfer of energy as heat between molecule as they collide Convection the transfer of energy by the movement of fluids Radiation The transfer of energy via electromagnetic radiation

23 Role of the Sun Temperature Differences on the Earth due to incoming solar radiation: Explain the amount of radiant energy per square mile—with pictures



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