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Leading Up, Down, & All Around

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1 Leading Up, Down, & All Around

2 Objectives Appreciate the importance of influence in leadership.
ID key principles of 360 degree leadership. Understand and ID ways of investing in relationship chemistry. Practice communicating with clarity. Value the importance and skill of engaging in crucial conversations. Engage in knowledge & skill development in communicating up, down and all around. Page 7-3

3 Chart Your Organization
Board Council Exec Svcs President/CEO VP Admin VP Acad VP SA EX Dir DEAN DEAN DEAN DEAN DIRECTOR Assoc Dean Prog Chair Dept Chair Prog Coord Dep Director Page 7-4

4 Being a 360° Leader

5 Leading From the Middle
Myth #1: The Position Myth Myth #2: The Destination Myth Myth #3: The Influence Myth Myth #4: The Inexperience Myth Myth #5: The Freedom Myth Myth #6: The Potential Myth Myth #7: The All-or-Nothing Myth Page 7-6

6 The Challenges 360° Leaders Face
The Tension Challenge The Frustration Challenge The Multi-Hat Challenge The Ego Challenge The Fulfillment Challenge The Vision Challenge The Influence Challenge Page 7-7

7 The Multi-Hat Challenge

8 The Multi-Hat Challenge (cont’d)

9 How to Handle the Multi-Hat Challenge
The Hat Sets the Context Don’t Use One Hat to Accomplish a Task Required for Another Hat When You Change Hats, Don’t Change Your Personality Don’t Neglect Any Hat You Are Responsible to Wear Remain Flexible Page 7-10

10 Leading Up, Down, & All Around: Being a 360° Leader
Page 7-11

11 Five Levels of Leadership
Page 7-12

12 Leading Up

13 Summarize leading up challenges
How far up do you reach? What kind of response have you been getting? What mechanisms support or facilitate your ability to lead up? What obstacles restrict leading up? If you could change just one thing to facilitate leading up, what would that be?

14 The Principles 360° Leaders Need to Lead Up
Lead yourself exceptionally well. Lighten your leader’s load. Be willing to do what others won’t. Do more than manage—lead! Invest in relational chemistry. Be prepared every time you take your leader’s time. Know when to push and when to back off. Become a go-to player. Be better tomorrow than you are today. Page 7-16

15 Key Principles of Managing & Leading Up
1. Manage yourself exceptionally well. 2. Know your leader exceptionally well. 3. Lighten your leader’s load. 4. Invest in relational chemistry. 5. Be prepared (10X). 6. Step into the breach when you leader’s leadership is waning. 7. Speak truth to power. Page 7-17

16 Manage/Know Yourself What is your DiSC/Indra Style?
Your leader’s DiSC/Indra style? What are your preferences for Control or Affiliation? Leader? What are your strengths? Leader? Can you manage your leader’s talents? How? Page 7-18

17 Investing in Relationships
Leading Up or Kissing Up Brainstorm ways to invest in Relationship Chemistry with your leader? Page 7-19

18 Your Stump Speech This is where we’re going.
This is why we’re going there. This is who is going with us. This is how we’re going to get there. Page 7-20

19 Great Leaders Who do we serve? What is our core strength?
What is our core score? What actions can we take today? Page 7-21/22


21 Crucial Conversations
Remember the fundamentals of good communication. 97% of communication non verbal! Be in the right place cognitively. Practice the 5 Rs if conflict in play. PLAN, PRACTICE, PREPARE!!!

22 Speaking Truth to Power
Advocate your position clearly and succinctly. Illustrate your position by sharing the thinking behind it. Publicly test your views and invite and encourage others to do so as well prior to leading up. Inquire into the views of others and actively explore their thinking. Page 7-24

23 Speaking Truth to Power: Opening Statement
Name the issue. Select a specific example. Describe your passions. Clarify what is at stake. Identify the contributions. Indicate your wishes. Invite your leader to respond. You have sixty seconds to do it all. Page 7-25

24 Leading Down Practices Commitments Page 7-28 Challenge the Process
Search out challenging opportunities Experiment, take risks! Inspire a shared vision Envision and uplifting future Enlist others Enable others to act Foster collaboration Strengthen people by empowerment Model the Way Set the example Achieve small wins Encourage the heart Recognize individual contributions Celebrate! Page 7-28

25 The Principles 360° Leaders Need to Lead Down
Walk slowly through the halls. See everyone as a “10.” Develop each team member as a person. Place people in their strength zones. Model the behavior your desire. Transfer the vision. Reward the results. —John C. Maxwell Page 7-29

26 Key Principles of Managing & Leading Down
Connect and communicate. See everyone as a “10.” Develop each team member as a person. Place people in their strength zones. Model the behavior your desire. Inspire and focus the vision. Encourage, recognize, and reward. Page 7-30

27 How Full Is Your Bucket? Tom Rath Donald O. Clifton

28 Fast Facts From How Full Is Your Bucket?
The number-one reason people leave their jobs: They don't feel appreciated. 65% of Americans received no recognition in the workplace last year. A study found that negative employees can scare off every customer they speak with—for good. 9 out of 10 people say they are more productive when they're around positive people. The magic ratio: 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction. Page 7-32

29 Leading Across Do you lead across now? How?
How much of your time (%) is spent leading across? What hurts/helps your ability to lead across? If you could, what one thing would you change to facilitate your ability to lead across?

30 The Principles 360° Leaders Need to Lead Across
Understand, practice, and complete the leadership loop. Put completing fellow leaders ahead of competing with them. Be a friend. Avoid office politics. Expand your circle of acquaintances. Let the best idea win. Don’t pretend you’re perfect. Page 7-41

31 The Leadership Loop Page 7-42

32 Competing vs Completing
Scarcity mind-set Me first Destroys trust Thinks win-lose Single thinking (my good ideas) Excluding others Completing Abundance mind-set Organization first Develops trust Thinks win-win Shared thinking (our great ideas) Including others Page 7-43

33 The Magic 7 for Leading Leading Up Leading Down Leading All Around
Page 7-45

34 The Value of 360° Leaders A leadership team is more effective than just one leader. Leaders are needed at every level of the organization. Leading successfully at one level is a qualifier for leading at the next level. Good leaders in the middle make better leaders at the top. 360° leaders possess qualities every organization needs. Page 7-46

35 Reflection

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