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Onslow County North Carolina Proposed Budget

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1 Onslow County North Carolina Proposed Budget
FY Onslow County North Carolina Proposed Budget Jeffrey L. Hudson County Manager June 3, 2013

2 Public Policy & Program Triage Budget At-a-Glance Key Issues
Highlights of Proposed Budget Looking Ahead: Future Years Board Action Requested

3 Public Policy & Program Triage
Proposed FY Budget Public Policy & Program Triage See Sheet

4 Proposed FY Budget Budget At-a-Glance

5 Revenue Sources - All Funds

6 Expenditures by Function – All Funds
74.9% of total budget

7 Budget At-a-Glance Balanced Budget
All debt payments (P&I) are included Requests totaled around $196million Manager cuts totaled around $8 million Total Budget is $188 million (All Funds) General Fund proposed budget is $177 million

8 Budget At-a-Glance, cont.
1.29% increase over last year (All Funds) Increases found in: Mandated DSS Programs ($1.18 million) Insurance Costs ($1.13 million) Public Safety Vehicles & Equipment ($768,000) Volunteer Fire & Rescue ($229,000) Living Wage, Public Safety, Salary Range Adjustments ($2.9 million) Costs beyond $3.2 million covered in cuts

9 Budget At-a-Glance, cont.
Recommended Property Tax Rate is held at cents per $100 in valuation, 2-cents below current revenue neutral 63rd Lowest Tax Rate of all 100 NC Counties 100% of Article 46 Local Option Sales Tax Monies are spent in accordance with promises made to voters in 2010

10 Budget At-a-Glance, cont.
General Fund Balance Appropriated FY 09-10: $9.9 million FY10-11: $10.1 million FY $15.2 million FY12-13 $17 million Proposed for FY-14: $13.4 million

11 Proposed FY Budget Key Issues

12 State Budget Adoption Intergovernmental Revenues
Lottery Funds: $1,646,000 budgeted to pay for existing school debt Unemployment Insurance $285,000 Other?

13 Maximization of Available Revenue
Property Tax Collections 96.06% $8.9 million in delinquent taxes owed Tax and Tag will provide more money if implemented as planned Sales Tax Proceeds Previously under a 40%-60% Blended Change to 100% Ad Valorem $1.2 million increase for FY-14

14 80% of Programs are Mandates

15 Population Growth

16 Parcel Growth by Township

17 Example of Service Demand Social Services Client Intake

18 Example of Service Demand EMS Call Volume

19 Example of Service Demand Building Inspections Activity

20 Number of County Employees

21 Bottom Line Fewer General Government County Employees are providing higher service levels for a growing county population Growth in Public Safety Employees may be primarily attributed to two reasons: New Onslow County Justice Complex Institution of Emergency Responder Program Current Issue: County pay ranges are, on average, 14% below market.

22 Highlights of Proposed Budget
Proposed FY Budget Highlights of Proposed Budget

23 Board of Education

24 History of Funding

25 2009 Funding formula Cons Pros
No Consideration for Factors Affecting County Government other obligations natural disasters loss of state revenue increased mandates property devaluation military downsizing declining fund balance Increasing school fund balance Pros Used Objective Measures Created Significant Increases in Appropriations to Schools Allowed for budget certainty and planning

26 Today… Multiple factors to be considered
Other obligations and needs of county Uncertainty of State Budget Increased mandates Devaluation of Property at next Revaluation Sequestration Declining County Fund Balance Possible School Bond Tax Increase School System Fund Balance Levels

27 School System Fund Balance
As reported by the NCACC Wake: $73 million Cumberland: $49 million Charlotte/Mecklenburg: $32.1 million Onslow: $28.7 million

28 Unassigned Fund Balance of the Onslow County Public Schools
$25,397,967* *as of June 2012

29 Recommend New Formula Recognize that county government has other obligations beyond that of public education Eliminates funding based on uncertainty of student population projections Bases increases on a percentage of new revenues realized by the county

30 Public School Bond Referendum
If passed by the voters: Tax increase necessary on July 1, 2014 If not passed by the voters: School system likely to request funding for construction of new schools If funded, tax increase necessary on July 1, 2014

31 Coastal Carolina Community College

32 CCCC Operational Budget Flat-Funded Annual Capital Budget Flat-Funded
Building new Maintenance Facility at the Western Boulevard Campus $5.5 million project Funded within existing capital improvement program

33 Human Capital Program

34 Implement 4-Step System
Step 1: Create a Living Wage 65 Lowest Employees in Onslow County Government Federal Poverty Rate for Family of 3: $19,530 Onslow County Custodian: $17,788 City of Jacksonville Custodian: $20,376 Public Schools Custodian: $22,280

35 Implement 4-Step System
Step 2: Correct Inequities in Public Safety Up to 242 Public Safety Employees Onslow E911 Operator: $24,345 New Hanover Operator: $29,514 Onslow Deputy: $32,037 Jacksonville Police Officer: $34,001

36 Implement 4-Step System
Step 3: Across-the-Board Pay Adjustment 1,254 Employees 4% Raise

37 Implement 4-Step System
Step 4: Reorganize County Government Net reduction of 18 positions Consolidate Human Services Agencies Health, Senior Services, Social Services Series of personnel actions Overall Savings to Onslow County: $900,000+

38 Looking Ahead: Future Years

39 Fund Balance

40 Public Education Appropriations
Increasing Student Enrollment Continued School Facility Needs Additional Requests for Operating Expenses Issues for both the K-12 Public School System and CCCC

41 Correcting the Divergence of Taxation and Governance
Under Current Law School System Governs and Spends County Government Taxes If County Government Does Not Provide Enough, Schools take County to court Proposed Change School System Taxes County Reduces Tax Rate by cents of the 58.5 cent current rate.

42 Proposed FY Budget Summary

43 As proposed, this budget…
Keeps Property Tax Rate at Current Levels Pays for all current debt service and funds the proposed C.I.P. Recommends Revision to the School System Funding Formula while maintaining current levels of support Maintains CCCC funding at current levels Implements 4-step program of changes to county personnel structure

44 Budget Available At: Onslow County Administration
Onslow County Finance All Onslow County Public Libraries Jacksonville Richlands Swansboro Sneads Ferry

45 Comments Received At: Or Budget Comments c/o Onslow County Administration 4024 Richlands Highway Jacksonville, NC 28540

46 Action Requested: Set Public Hearing
Proposed FY Budget Action Requested: Set Public Hearing

47 Onslow County North Carolina Proposed Budget
FY Onslow County North Carolina Proposed Budget Jeffrey L. Hudson County Manager June 3, 2013

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