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FAIR TRADE AND SOCIAL PROJECTS Awareness programs and seminars.

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1 FAIR TRADE AND SOCIAL PROJECTS Awareness programs and seminars

2 Joint body visits Greenfield Joint body visit to Tropi Flora Joint body 2009 Tropi Flora Joint body visit to Greenfield 2007

3 Financial assistance Loans to members Rs 2500 – Rs. 7500 Health loans to members –Interest free, hospitalization treatments, investigations, long term treatments covered. Insurance & pension scheme for men & women. 190 deposits of Rs. 10,000 per individual

4 Financial Assistance Electricity loans to members –Loans were granted to members who do not have electricity connections to obtain connection. –Member requiring the funding were requested to submit an approved estimate from the area electricity board stating the cost. Funeral grant –Funeral Grant of Rs.15,000/= is given to the family where a death has occurred to support funeral expenses, easing the situation for the family.

5 Awareness programs Tuberculosis –A awareness programme with the participation of Survodaya (NGO) Badulla branch. –250 participants Cancer awareness programme – Focusing on throat, mouth and breast cancer –200 participants

6 Workshop for farmers - The future of marketing their produce Conducted for pepper and spice farmers 280 farmers from Haputale, Nikapotha, Haldumulla Beragala areas. Hosted by Greenfield Panel consisted of The Export Development Board, The cabinet minister & his staff. Two export companies presented information on Organic farming.

7 Exchange programme for school 150 children visited the Greenfield estate. They were educated on tea manufacturing.

8 Diversification The diversification programme for the Greenfield estate is ongoing, with new ideas being explored all the time. Many of the projects already established in the diversification programme are designed to give the estate workers and especially the younger generation, as well as young people from surrounding villages, a broad range of training and career opportunities. Projects like manure production, milk production and vegetable growing for the domestic market help to keep the money within the estate rather than paying out to contractors.

9 Thank you Thank you for viewing our website and taking to know more about us. These are some of the projects that have been done with our initiative, and there is a great deal more to be done and we believe that with your support this community can be empowered. In the end... Success or failure will come down to an ethical decision, one on which those now living will be judged for generations to come - Edward O. Wilson We believe in providing a truly ETHICAL product – organic, fairtrade, forest garden, and carbon neutral.

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