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Gary Young Evolution of the Ultimate Antiseptic

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1 Gary Young Evolution of the Ultimate Antiseptic
The Story of Thieves, Triple 0 , and Inner Defense

2 Early History of “Thieves”
During the 14th Century plage (known as the Black Death) the story was told of a band of thieves who robbed the corpses of plague victims. When captured, the bandits revealed the secret of their immunity from contracting the disease in exchange for leniency. The told of a concoction that included clove and rosemary that afforded them protection from contracting diseases.

3 Clinical studies have shown that clove and it’s primary phenol, eugenol, kills:
60 different species of Gram Negative and Postive Bacteria 13 different fungi 2 different viruses

4 Powerful Antifungal Action
Clove oil at very small levels (0.06%) totally inhibited toxic mold and aflaxtoxin production Dr. Radwan Farag Different types include B1, B2, G1 and G2. B1 is the most widespread.

5 Antiviral Effects of Eugenol
Eugenol strongly inhibits growth of Herpes Simplex 1 and II in several clinical studies Eugenol significantly delayed the onset of herpetic lesions

6 Tiny amounts of cinnamon bark EO decimate E coli in only 2 hours
Only 0.025% of cinnamon EO reduced toxic E. Coli 0157:H7 counts from 10,000,000 to 31,000 CFU.


8 Showed inhibitory affects against 23 different strains of bacteria.
Journal quotes According to the International Journal of Food Microbiology, the essential oils of clove, cinnamon bark, and thyme had the most powerful antimicrobial effects of 25 different essential oils tested Showed inhibitory affects against 23 different strains of bacteria.                                       

9 Creation of Thieves Thieves essential oil Clove Lemon Cinnamon
Eucalyptus radiata Rosemary In 1997 Sue Chao tested Thieves EO at Weber State University for its potent antimicrobial effects

10 When diffused, Thieves EO Blend decimates 3 of the most common pathogenic bacteria
Micrococcus leteus Common gram-positive bacterium Pseudonomas aeroginosa Gram negative bacteria found in soil and dust that can cause serious infections Staphylococcus aureus Gram-positive opportunistic human pathogen carried by 30% of the population

11 Thieves’ killed over 99% of bacteria within 20 minutes
20 minutes of diffusing Thieves EO blend killed 99.2% of all airborne Micrococcus luteus The longer the oil was diffused, the greater the reduction in microorganisms

12 Evolution from Thieves to Triple O
Clove Lemon Cinnamon Bark Eucalytpus radiata Rosemary Triple O – (2001) Clinically tested Thieves EO Blend Oregano Thyme

13 72 Oils grouped by chemistry

14 Combination of Phenolics and Aldehydes
Cinnamaldehyde (in cinnamon bark EO) is both an aldehyde and a phenol Clove contains antiviral and antibacterial phenolics known as phenylpropanoids Thyme and oregano contain simple phenolics (thymol and carvacrol) Thyme – 55% thymol Oregano – 65% carvacrol

15 Reports show that carvacrol from oregano oil kills spores from Bacillus cereus and Bacillus anthracis (Athrax) Archives Microbiology, v 174, Oct 2000 "Oil of Oregano exhibited the greatest antibacterial action against common pathogenic germs such as Staph, E.coli, and Listeria." Journal of Food Protection, v 64, July 2001 "Oregano Oil had antibacterial activity against 25 different bacteria." Journal of Applied Microbiology, v 88, Feb 2000

16 Penillicin vs Oregano EO
Research at Weber State University by Sue Chao found that 12 microliters of oregano had the antibacterial equivalence of 10 units of penicillin.

17 Oregano vs. Penicillin Harry Preuss, MD, a professor of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University found that oregano oil (in particular, the chemical component carvacrol) works as well as antibiotics on staphylococcus. In a test tube assay, oregano oil combined with staph inhibited its growth as effectively as penicillin and other antibiotics.

18 Resisting Infections In the second phase of this study, 50% of mice receiving oregano for 30 days survived staph infections compared to none in the control group. "Natural oils may turn out to be valuable adjuvants or even replacements for many anti-germicidals under a variety of conditions.“ Harry Preuss, MD, professor of physiology and biophysics, Georgetown University Science Daily, Oct 11, 2001

19 Evolution from Triple O to Inner Defense
Thieves EO Blend Oregano Thyme Inner Defense – (2007) Triple O Citronella

20 Citronella Citronella is high in powerfully antifungal aldehydes
Columbia University in New York reported in 2006 that citronella has 8 times the antimicrobial action as lemon oil

21 INNER DEFENSE Nature’s ultimate armor

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