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Notable Arkansas People

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1 Notable Arkansas People
Connected to the Civil War In Arkansas

2 The Civil War in Arkansas
The controversies over the rights of states and the issue of slavery erupted into the Civil War in 1861 Abraham Lincoln was elected president in late 1860 He favored keeping the Union together at all costs He was against slavery Things were in a big mess!!!!!

3 What people were important or notable in Civil War Arkansas?
The focus will be on seven men who impacted Arkansas history during the Civil War Identify which ones were pro-Confederacy Identify which ones were pro-Union Why was each man important or notable when referring to the Civil War in Arkansas?

4 How did James Blunt affect Arkansas during the Civil War?
James Blunt was born in Maine His first job was as a sailor He next became the captain of a ship Later Blunt became a doctor He moved to Kansas and was involved in the anti-slavery movement

5 James Blunt Blunt was given the rank of general during the Civil War
-his troops were also composed of Cherokee, Creek and Seminole native Americans He participated in the following battles in Arkansas: Cane Hill, Prairie Grove, Devil’s Backbone, Boston Mountains and Van Buren. -at the Battle of Prairie Grove, Blunt’s troops arrived just in time to save the day for his side Blunt was very much against slavery and served on the Union side during the Civil War.

6 James Blunt So, on which side was Blunt? Confederate or Union?
After the war James Blunt returned to Kansas, practiced medicine and became an attorney. He was a very busy man! Did you know which side he was on? You can’t say in the middle!!!! Did you guess Union?

7 David O. Dodd David Owen Dodd was born in Texas but later moved to Arkansas with his family He has been called the “boy martyr”*of the Confederacy because he was executed as a spy when he was seventeen. *A martyr is someone who dies for their beliefs

8 David O. Dodd David was arrested as a Confederate spy when he was discovered carrying military information about Union troops (it was written in Morse Code!) He was tried and found guilty of spying for the Confederacy Dodd was hung at Little Rock, January, 1864 He is buried in Mt. Holly Cemetery located in Little Rock David O. Dodd’s hanging was botched. According to accounts it took around 5 minutes for him to die. Friend of Dodd made sure that he was given a quiet funeral and he was buried in a borrowed grave.

9 This elementary school was named for David O. Dodd
The school is supposedly on the site where David was arrested. The red oval is the exact spot!

10 Harris Flanagin Harris Flanagin was elected the 7th governor of Arkansas amid the Civil War After Little Rock was taken by Union troops he moved the Confederate Arkansas capital to the town of Washington in Hempstead County He is the only governor to govern in exile! (or was it the “X” file???)

11 Flanagin Before the Civil War, Flanagin was a teacher and then an attorney He was elected to the Arkansas Secession Convention in 1861 He called himself a “reluctant secessionist” Flanagin participated in the following battles in Arkansas: Wilson’s Creek and Pea Ridge On what side was Flanagin? Confederate or Union? (how can you tell????)

12 Thomas Hindman Lawyer, soldier and U.S. Congressman-- Thomas Hindman was all three things before the Civil War Hindman supported slavery and state’s rights

13 Thomas Hindman He became the military commander of the area west of the Mississippi River At the Battle of Prairie Grove, Hindman was the leader of Confederate troops

14 Thomas Hindman The Battle of Prairie Grove was officially a draw or tie between the Confederates and the Union troops but the Union troops took control of the area as a result General Hindman was killed in Helena in by an unknown assailant. The murder was never solved (talk about a COLD case!)

15 Isaac Murphy Isaac Murphy was the Eighth governor of Arkansas
He was elected during the Civil War after the Union troops took over the capital city of Little Rock He had been a teacher and a lawyer

16 Isaac Murphy Why was Murphy elected governor at this time?
He was against slavery He was the only delegate to the Arkansas Convention that voted against secession! (now that takes some nerve! He had political experience

17 Murphy As governor, Murphy was generous in his treatment of former Confederates He was a great advocate or supporter of education while governor (don’t you appreciate him??!!!)

18 Albert Pike Albert Pike may have had a lot of hair, but he also had a large brain! Pike was a teacher, poet, writer, newspaper editor, politician, lawyer, soldier, soldier, Indian Commissioner and a Mason! (that was a mouthful!) Freemasons is an international fraternal and charitable organization with secret rites and signs

19 Albert Pike Since he had experience working with the Native Americans and knew many of their dialects, Pike was appointed Confederate general in the Indian Territory Albert Pike was pro-slavery and state’s rights Pike led the Native Americans he recruited at the Battle of Pea Ridge. Controversy surrounded some methods used by his troops. He resigned his commission and became a private citizen for the remainder of the war It is said some of the Union soldiers were scalped!

20 Pike Pike became very important in the Freemasons
He is the only Confederate general with a statue in Washington, D.C. It was erected in his honor by the Freemasons Freemasons is an international fraternal and charitable organization with secret rites and signs

21 Earl Van Dorn

22 Earl Van Dorn An Indian fighter and Mexican war veteran is the description of professional soldier, Earl Van Dorn! When the Civil War began, he joined the Confederate army He was given the rank of general

23 Van Dorn Van Dorn was in charge of the Confederate troops at the Battle of Pea Ridge Confederates lost this battle After the battle he was transferred to Mississippi. He took the majority of his troops with him. This left the state of Arkansas virtually defenseless! (Arkansans were NOT happy)

24 Van Dorn Van Dorn was killed By a jealous husband In May, 1863 ????

25 Review! Match the description with the picture!
I was governor of Arkansas during the Civil War. In fact I am the only Arkansas governor that led the state in exile! Albert Pike Harris Flanagin is correct Harris Flanagin

26 Review- Match the person with the description
A professional soldier, I led Confederate troops at the Battle of Pea Ridge. My side lost! Albert Pike The correct answer is Earl Van Dorn Earl Van Dorn

27 Review I was governor of Arkansas during the Civil War. I did not believe in slavery and I voted against secession from the United States Isaac Murphy Isaac Murphy is the answer Harris Flanagin B

28 Review I was a supporter of slavery and state’s rights.
Before the Civil War I served in the U.S. Congress I led the Confederate troops at the Battle of Prairie Grove Thomas Hindman A is the correct answer; Thomas Hindman James Blunt

29 Review I was 17 when I was executed for being a Confederate spy. My burial location is Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock Albert Pike David O. Dodd is correct David O. Dodd

30 Review I was a ship’s captain, a doctor, lawyer and very much against slavery. My troops won battles in Arkansas. We were heroes at the Battle of Prairie Grove! Isaac Murphy James Blunt is the answer James Blunt

31 And one more to review! I recruited and led Native American troops for the Confederacy My troops fought at the Battle of Prairie Grove There is a statue of me Washington, D.C. Albert Pike Albert Pike is the answers Thomas Hindman

32 And more! This ends the Civil War figures associated with the Arkansas frameworks. Continue to see two other notable people of the Civil War in Arkansas!

33 Stand Watie ( ) A controversial leader of the Cherokee Nation, Watie was commissioned as a colonel in the Confederate army in Watie was responsible for signing the document that led to the Trail of Tears for his people. Waite’s family was one of the wealthier Cherokee families His family owned slaves and consequently supported the Confederacy.

34 Stand Watie Watie took part in the Battle of Pea Ridge with Major General Earl Van Dorn. In fact, his troops allowed the Confederates to withdraw after loosing the battle! An interesting note is that Stand Watie was the only Native American to rise to the rank of brigadier general in the Civil War. He was also the last Confederate general in the field to surrender.

35 Susan Cook ( ) Susan Cook was the daughter of a plantation owner in Phillips County, Arkansas. She was nineteen when the war began. Susan kept a dairy during the Civil War. It tells us what she and people of Arkansas and the Confederacy were thinking during the Civil War. No image is available of Susan Cook

36 Why is her diary important?
Her diary is a primary source Primary sources or documents give firsthand information or one could say from the “horses mouth”! At first Miss Cook was optimistic about the Confederacy winning the war but as the war progressed she saw that the Confederacy could not win.

37 These were notable people of the Civil War in Arkansas!!!
That’s it!

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