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O2X – Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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1 O2X – Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Applications Aeration Basins, Final Effluent, Aerobic Digesters Low Maintenance No Frequent Calibration Automatic Flushing Ease of Use Long-life O2 or O2O Electrode Cartridges Quick Calibration 3/25/2017

2 Duo – Your choice! O2O Optical Clark Cell 3/25/2017

3 Best of Both Designs Clark Cell Optical O2O Proven Technology
No calibration required Most stable luminophor on the market!! Life: Cap - 3 years & electrode - 5 to10 years Easy to replace cap Flushing with psig Better for high DO & high Temp levels, cell life Responds quicker to DO changes Clark Cell Proven Technology Long Cell life due to bubble cavern, months Excellent for low DO levels More accurate than Optical Flushing with psig 3/25/2017

4 O2O Cerlic Blue light excites luminescent material
Red LED provides reference signal The time for red light to be emitted off of luminophor is measured Phase of both signals are compared The measurement correlates to O2 concentration, increased amounts of O2 in the liquid decreases the time it takes for the red light to be emitted. 3/25/2017

5 O2O Cerlic LDO Hach Newest & Improved Design
New Phase Shift Technology New focusing lens to amplify Luminophore reflection - improves accuracy Luminophore coating is more stable - not damaged by UV O2X will accept O2O or Clark Cell electrodes Life: Cap - 3 years & electrode - 5 to10 years O2X built-in flushing is standard, psig! LDO Hach New Model 2 that obsoletes current design? Mad - Customers & killed SC100 Damaged by extended exposure to light Life – 12 months on cap Flushing – Claims no cleaning req’d. Low pressure only due to luminescent coating Clamp on Cleaning, 3-5 psig Prefer float ball Will not repair sensors 3/25/2017

6 3/25/2017

7 O2X Mounting Options 3/25/2017

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