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Do you like your pain? Are you ready for change? Awakening a midlife renaissance.

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1 Do you like your pain? Are you ready for change? Awakening a midlife renaissance

2 My story April 2, 2004...McKinleyville California Standing in my kitchen… staring at the linoleum floor…angry at everyone… I hated my life! I lost purpose, passion, meaning and my way…

3 The premise/purpose To identify personal dysfunction Connect to mission, purpose, priorities Translate to passions and get back on track and live a life worth living The evolution of how I got there and how I got back How you can too…

4 Three types of people…Wally Wally the walking dead The defeated life Hopeless, lifeless, listless and beyond feeling Given up, given in, quit life Hollow, empty… a shell of a man Lives by routines, has lost zeal to live Does he like his pain or is he ready to change?

5 Three types of people…Wendy Wendy the walking wounded The victims life Hurts, wounds, blows, tragedy and pain Lives a coping lifestyle…she is an angry dependent, codependent, enabler, with defense mechanisms Self-absorbsion, self-pity, anger, fate has downloaded much frustration

6 Three types of people…Donald Donald in denial/The walking wonderful Overachiever, type A+, competitive Super dead, super boss, super husband Good on the outside, empty on the inside In reality… a poor father, husband, employee, person and friend Represents an empty life with a good face

7 Who are you? When stressed out who do you most relate to? What do you find most dissatisfying about yourself? What issues do battle with? Sometimes we dont like their pain, and we want to change our priorities… Do you like your pain…?

8 the black box Imagine this….. 50,000 feet over the Rocky Mountains The pilot announces you have 30 seconds to dictate a final message to a loved one…your final life legacy… Who did you write? What did you say? Are you living your message? If not… why not?

9 What is your passion? Whats really important? A waste? Are you doing what you find satisfying? What fills you up? Gives you meaning? What does it for you? God? Family? Career? Coffee? People? The main thing is to keep the main thing…the main thing….

10 We become lost The fog of war The grind of life Its easy to get off track Its easy to lose our way Its hard to see the forest… for the trees… We fail to live out what we value…

11 Taking inventory That which fills me up… helps me to serve and love others… You cannot pour from an empty jar! Go up to 50,000 feet and take your inventory…What do you see? What is your big picture?

12 Was that one thing? Find the one thing and the rest doesnt mean…Curly from City Slickers Whats getting in the way of you doing, your one thing? Why are you not effective in this area? Busy? Lazy? Procrastination? What? What will it take for you to change?

13 Realizations I didnt like my pain/dysfunction I could change… I needed to change I did change! You can to! We all can identify and partake of that which gives us life… We MUST decide, only we are accountable

14 The necessary components Personal responsibility An intentional life Attitude change Accountability Plan of action/goals Taking control…

15 Connect to your life passions Connect to our passion, mission, priorities, and purpose…we can… Be happier, joyful, fulfilled and satisfied Make a difference/leave your legacy Leave behind a heritage Live life on purpose!

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