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Money: How do we get it?.

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1 Money: How do we get it?

2 Background Info How many of you are attending a JETAA conference for the 1st time? How many of your are new to being a treasurer? How many of you are already actively working with your consulate to work out a MOFA budget? What specific issues are you hoping will be addressed here?

3 Sources of funding for your chapter
CLAIR (GIA= Grant in Aid) MOFA (Funding through local consulate) Raising funds as a 501c3 Collecting “door cash” at events to use at the actual event (cost-sharing)

4 CLAIR GIA Funding 4.5 Types of GIA from CLAIR: Basic GIA Normal GIA
A set 100,000 yen for official chapters (operating expenses) Normal GIA Funding for chapter’s activities & events Multi-Chapter Conference GIA Funding for regional / national conferences (up to 20man / conf) Country Rep GIA For US, base funding of 63,000 yen per CR for travel & admin costs “Special” GIA Only given on a case by case basis for events outside of JETAA

5 CLAIR GIA Funding 1) Annual GIA request (due July’ish)
Summarizes all projected expenditures (MOFA & CLAIR) Change of usage documents to be submitted when needed 2) End of year spending report (due March’ish) Submit receipts and explanations for ALL expenses Importance of membership data Cost sharing

6 MOFA Funding 1) Annual Budget Proposal 2) Budget Requests
3) Spending Reports 4) Activity Reports

7 MOFA: Step 1- Annual Budget Proposal
Start building a relationship with your Consulate NOW Identify and work with your Consulate liaison JET Coordinator * (JET and JETAA share the same pocket of funding) Accounting Consul Other appointed JETAA tantousha Submit your annual proposal in Feb’ish (end of FY) to the Consulate See if you can use the same budget proposal form you use for GIA Funding proposals will get approved/ revised at the start of the Japanese FY These proposals give Tokyo a chance to give the JETAA chapter feedback on the likelihood of successfully receiving budget for their proposed uses If you request budget for something not on the initial annual proposal, it’s really difficult to be successful



10 (i.e. Venue, honorariums, kaigihi, supplies, etc)
Specific item details (i.e. Venue, honorariums, kaigihi, supplies, etc) Cost of each of the items

11 MOFA: Step 2- Budget Request
ESID- check with your consulate liaison The funding can be requested anywhere between 1 month to 6 months ahead of time: I usually submit whole quarter requests 1 month before Request done via official/ internal channels from the Consulate, which is why it’s important to stay in contact with the tantousha Must include estimates for spending (ex, kaigihi, actual items, other charges) These request letters usually get submitted along with a Japanese one made by the tantousha Tantousha may ask you to make requests more detailed, or submit additional information along with letter (i.e. member lists, etc)




15 Budget proposal/ request

16 MOFA: Step 3- Spending Reports
ESID- check with your consulate liaison Spending reports may need to be submitted: Quarterly every 6 months event-based Must include receipts for all expenditures May need to include an explanation if an expenditure is LESS than original estimate submitted If your expenditure goes over, it will be rejected 99% of the time I submit: 1) Quarterly reimbursement request letter 2) MOFA spreadsheet 3) Receipts for all purchases

17 Quarterly Reimbursement Request Letter

18 MOFA Spreadsheet Form

19 Receipts

20 MOFA Step 4: Activity Reports
Must be done for every expenditure that uses MOFA funding (not only activities or events) Include: Purpose of the event/ expenditure Results of the event/ expenditure Any improved results as compared to previous years and why How many outside participants (non-JETs) Anything that makes your event look great The more detail you provide, the better!

21 Activity Report

22 MOFA Funding: Tips Annual Spending Report
Hopefully the same as the GIA end of year spreadsheet?? Keep copies of everything you submit Make it easy for your consulate to help support you Be organized Organize your receipts Double check your math Be on time with your paperwork Talk to your consulate about partnering up for events Creates a relationship Creates VALUE for your chapter

23 Q&A I know you have them!!!

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