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The global water & sanitation crisis. But First!...

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1 The global water & sanitation crisis

2 But First!...

3 ( according to the CIA World Fact Book) Canada = 891, 163 km 2 of Water!

4 PacificOcean AtlanticOcean Arctic Ocean Ocean



7 Using Water at Home...

8 1Litre=

9 Developing Nations water usage per person/day... Canadians water usage per person/day... 20L 329L







16 TheWaterCrisis…

17 kids... 25 kids... x 40, 000, 000...

18 Every year, 1.5 million brothers, sisters, cousins and friends will die needlessly because they dont have access to clean water...

19 Thats the same as 19, 480 school busses...

20 Its like a domino effect…






26 TheSanitationCrisis…

27 THIS is what many people use as a bathroom…

28 Who wants this filth near your homes? Near your play grounds? Near your FOOD?!


30 Have you ever Heard of flying toilets? Theyre not the kind you find on airplanes…



33 One of the greatest pollutants of water is human waste…

34 1 gram 1 million bacteria & 100 parasite eggs!

35 Lets not be afraid to talk about poop!

36 THE POO SONG Poo, Poo, Poo, This is a song about poo. I know the word is taboo Dont make a hullaballoo Its something all of us do. But if you havent a loo Then its a problem for you Which is why we have to do This song about poo! Dad weve had an education We know all about hygiene No more squatting by the road side You have to dig a VIP latrine A Ventilation Improved Pit Thats the type we require With a plastic pipe to catch the flies And a pile of ash from the fire Dad, we dont live in a zoo You cant just do doo-doo-doo Hey Dad were talking to you And the other dads too. Nobody will come to our house Other kids all shout at me My dads cleaner that your dad Cause we havent got a VIP Daddy were not talking dirty We agree and so does mum You should build a latrine And well all keep it clean! It will solve the pain in your bum OOH! That was a song about poo Its over, finished, and through Its time to bid it adieu But if we made a CD In a week it would be Number Two PHEW!

37 Our role…


39 Ethiopia Kenya Tanzania Uganda

40 WaterCan in Ethiopia

41 WaterCan in Kenya

42 WaterCan in Tanzania

43 WaterCan in Uganda








51 What can YOU do? L.E.A.D.

52 L earn more about water and sanitation issues Examples: 1.(I hope) This presentation gave you a lot of information and you learned a lot 2.Online : and http://www.wateraid.org 3.Reading articles, books, etc 4.Online games and quizzes

53 E ducate others about the issue Examples: 1.Go home and tell your brothers and sisters about what you learned 2.Share what you learned with friends who might not have seen this presentation 3.Talk to your parents and ask them what they think about the issues

54 A dvocate for change Examples: 1.Organize an awareness event on World Water Day, Earth Day or one of the many other Global Days of Action 2.Sign a Water for Life advocacy postcard 3.Talk to you parents and teachers about conserving water at home and at school

55 D onate to help fund projects Example: Contribute to Watercans annual School-by-School Fundraising Challenge to help bring clean water and basic sanitation to kids your age in Africa


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