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Reducing Carbon: BTs approach to tackling climate change Mike Blackburn BT Regional Director North West.

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1 Reducing Carbon: BTs approach to tackling climate change Mike Blackburn BT Regional Director North West

2 BTs Climate Change agenda The BT climate change experience and credentials Our progress to date BTs partnership capabilities and collaboration with suppliers and customers Influencing BT employees and creating an open forum The challenge – act now in partnership and for future generations

3 BT is making a major contribution in the North West – Economic Impact 2006 BT directly employs over 9,200 people in the North West BT makes a financial impact of over £1.6 billion a year in the region BT spends over £641 million a year with local suppliers BT has invested in four new state of the art contact centres in Blackburn, Lancaster, Skelmersdale and Warrington BT is making a capital investment of £830 million, replacing equipment at more than 375 exchanges by 2011 in the North West as part of its 21CN initiative BTs CSR activity in the North West exceeded £1 million last year

4 Climate Change…were not new to this… BT rated No1 in the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index for the last five years BT published its first Environment Report in 1992 BTs CO2 emissions are 60% lower than the 1996 level BT became the worlds biggest user of green energy in 2004 BT uses micro wind turbines for renewable electricity at some of its sites Broadband use enables 80% of BT staff to work flexibly – the role for communications in beating congestion Did you know? The UK suffers from the worst Traffic congestion in Europe.

5 Our progress to date - Emissions

6 Our progress to date - Waste & recycling

7 Important climate change role for ICT 12,500 home workers for BT

8 Sharing best practise in the North West

9 If we are to effectively combat climate change, everyone - government, business and individuals alike - must play a part. I am particularly pleased that BT is working with both its customers and internal staff to make a difference, which supports the government's efforts to help people change their behaviour at home and at work to stop climate change." David Miliband, Environment Secretary

10 BTs wind power project Overall aim: 25% of BTs current electricity requirements from wind generation capacity by 2016. The first phase – operational by 2012: 10% of BTs electricity requirements 100MW of wind turbine capacity 50 x 2MW wind turbines Enough to power 50,000 homes.

11 Wind power isnt BT core business ….. Venture Partners BT Input External Partner(s) Input Minority Equity Stake Sites Energy Purchase Majority Equity Stake Windfarm experience Debt financing Advantages for BT Accesses non-core skills Off balance sheet Advantages for Partner(s) Significant opportunity Risk sharing

12 Reducing our carbon footprint Extended our green energy contract to 2010 Review our energy supply – further wind options Audit the energy used by our data centres Low energy data centres

13 Renewables

14 Collaboration with suppliers New consumer products with energy efficiency targets (BT Vision, Home hub & cordless phone) Eco-labels Reduced packaging Embedding eco-design and life-cycle thinking into product development Investigate alternative materials (bio-plastics, elimination of batteries), RFID tagging, product leasing, and more… Networked IT products Low energy …. everything!

15 Low carbon consumer products

16 ICT and a low-carbon economy Paper-free billing Sustainable lifestyles film

17 Carbon calculator

18 Engaging 104,000 BT people By 2009, we aim to have at least 20% of our employees actively reducing their carbon footprint at work and at home

19 Climate change website

20 Carbon busters & Carbon clubs Support BTs environmental champions Collect environmental data Communicate messages to colleagues Recruit Carbon Club members

21 Creative Challenge - climate change award -Open to BT people and the London College of Communication -Creative campaign to communicate climate change to BTs customers using: Film Creative writing Marketing/ advertising/ PR campaign Event Interior design Computer game And more… - £3,000 prize and concept execution if appropriate

22 Big Switch Off – BT intranet If everyone switched off their PCs, screens, faxes and printers when they were not being used, BT would save £500,000 a year on its electricity bills. Its all about getting people to think about how every action they take can have an impact on climate change, in the home and at work. Steve ODonnell, BT Global head of data centres.

23 Green Basket – employee offers

24 Additional information For further information please visit:

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