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Current Affairs Quiz for the Month of August 2012 Visit: quizzes/current-affairs/august-2012-quiz/

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1 Current Affairs Quiz for the Month of August 2012 Visit: quizzes/current-affairs/august-2012-quiz/ quizzes/current-affairs/august-2012-quiz/ Copyright @

2 1.) Who has recently been elected Libyan president by the newly-elected Congress? a) Mohammed magarief b) Meles Zenawi c) Syed Nasim Ahmed d) Ulku Adatepe Answer: Mohammed magarief Copyright @

3 2.) Which among the following country becomes the full member of MERCOSUR in August 2012? a) Argentina b) Venezuela c) Brazil d) Uruguay Answer: Venezuela Copyright @

4 3.) Name the US Singer, who sang San Francisco, the unofficial anthen of the counterculture movement of the 1960s, died in Los Angeles on August 18. a) Tony Martin b) Scott McKenzie c) Maeve Binchy d) Tony Scott Answer: Scott McKenzie Copyright @

5 4.) Which Indian state has adopted contributory pension model for its workers in August 2012? a) Maharashtra b) West Bengal c) Kerala d) Assam Answer: Kerala Copyright @

6 5.) Which Indian state has signed a memorandum of understanding with four independent power producers in August for setting up five biomass power projects? a) Punjab b) Madhya Pradesh c) Rajasthan d) Haryana Answer: Haryana Copyright @

7 6.) Which among the following has been declared state bird of Delhi in August 2012? a) Black necked Crane b) Greater Flamingo c) House Sparrow d) Pigeon Answer: House Sparrow Copyright @

8 7.) Who has been elected chief executive officer of the newly-elected Gorkhaland Territorial Administration in August 2012? a) Pradeep Pradhan b) Bimal Gurung c) Mohan Uparaity d) None of these Answer: Bimal Gurung Copyright @

9 8.) Which Indian state has implemented right to hearing act on August 1, 2012? a) Delhi b) Gujarat c) Rajasthan d) Tamil Nadu Answer: Rajasthan Copyright @

10 9.) Which iconic song has been voted as the song of the century by the HT readers in August 2012? a) Chaiyya Chaiyya b) Tere Bina Zindagi c) Dum Maaro Dum d) kal ho na ho Answer: Dum Maaro Dum Copyright @

11 10.) Which university of International repute has introduced a new academic dress code in August 2012? a) Cambridge University b) Ozford University c) Harvard University d) IIT kanpur Answer: Ozford University Copyright @

12 11.) According to the new norms for securitization of NBFC loans, how much among non-banking finance company will have to retain of the loan being sold to another entity? a) 10 per cent b) 8 per cent c) 5 per cent d) 12 per cent Answer: 5 per cent Copyright @

13 12.) According toe SEBIs July bulletin which among the following has become the worlds largest bourse in terms of the number of trades in equity segment for the first six months of 2012? a) NSE b) Eurex c) NYSE d) BSE Answer: NSE Copyright @

14 13.) Who has been chosen for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award-2012? a) Vijay Kumar and Deepika Kumari b) Vijay Kumar and Sudha Singh c) Vijay Kumar and Yogeswar Dutt d) Yogeswar Dutt and Deepika Kumari Answer: Vijay Kumar and Yogeswar Dutt Copyright @

15 14.) Name the Indian Physicist who has been honoured on July 31, 2012 with Yuri Milner Award, the biggest monetary prize in the world? a) Ashok Sen b) Satendranath Bose c) Homi Jahangir Bhabha d) Satish Dhawan Answer: Ashok Sen Copyright @

16 15.) Who among the following has been conferred for the Nishan-i-Imtiaz Samman by Pakistan government on the eve of its independence day on August 14? a) Josh Malihabadi b) Gopi Chand Narang c) Mehdi Hasan d) Pt. Ravishankar Answer: Mehdi Hasan Copyright @

17 16.) Why is Wen Xia Yu famous? a) She is newly-elected prime minister of Philippines b) She is new CEO of Samsung c) She wins the Miss World crown d) None of these Answer: She wins the Miss World crown Copyright @

18 17.) Which rank did India possess at the London Olympic held in July-August 2012? a) 20th b) 55th c) 58th d) 93rd Answer: 55th Copyright @

19 18.). India had the best ever performance at the London Olympic. How many gold it won? a) Six b) Two c) Four d) None Answer: None Copyright @

20 19.) Which country has joined WTO in August 2012 after 18 years of negotiations? a) Russia b) South Africa c) Venezuela d) Taiwan Answer: Russia Copyright @

21 20.) Which among the following won the U-19 World Cup Cricket-2012 held at Townsville, Australia? a) New Zealand b) India c) England d) Australia Answer: India Copyright @

22 21.) Name the Tennis player who won Rogers Cup-2012 held on August 13? a) Petra Kvitova b) Li Na c) Angelique kerber d) Serena Williams Answer: Petra Kvitova Copyright @

23 22.) Which country is not linked with a new 7,800-km undersea data cable that was recently opened to traffic in Asia? a) Singapore b) Japan c) Malaysia d) India Answer: India Copyright @

24 23.) Scientists of which country have developed a unique video game that will help fight depression in adolescents? a) United States b) Germany c) New Zealand d) Japan Answer: New Zealand Copyright @

25 24.) What is Curiosity? a) A Women programme on National Television b) A software programme for business c) A nuclear-powered robot, sent to Mars d) Study of human behaviour Answer: A nuclear-powered robot, sent to Mars Copyright @

26 25.) Which of the following is not among the six traditional crafts of Kashmiri Origin, which have been granted Geographical Indications by the Government of India? a) Pashmina b) Suzni Embroidery c) Kani Shawl d) None of these Answer: None of these Copyright @

27 26.) Which among did government fix as base price for auctioning pan-India second generation 2G mobile-phone spectrum on August 3? a) Rs. 14,000 cr b) Rs. 18,000 cr c) Rs. 20,000 cr d) Rs. 12,000 cr Answer: Rs. 14,000 cr Copyright @

28 27.) Who among the following topped the list of 100 most powerful women compiled by Forbes in August 2012? a) Sonia Gandhi b) Angela Markel c) Michelle Obama d) Mamata Banerjee Answer: Angela Markel Copyright @

29 28.) A double AC train was flagged off on August 24 from… a) Delhi to Locknow b) Mumbai to Ahmedabad c) Delhi to Jaipur d) Delhi to Shimla Answer: Delhi to Jaipur Copyright @

30 29.) Which nuclear plant has been granted permission for the loading of fuel by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board in August 2012? a) Koodankulam b) Rawatbhatta c) Jaitpura d) Narora Answer: Koodankulam Copyright @

31 30.) Where was the Organisation of Islamic Co- operation Meet held in August 2012? a) Mecca b) Damascus c) Tehran d) Baghdad Answer: Mecca Copyright @

32 Hope it was helpful for you. Thank You! Copyright @

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