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Presented by Aaron Johnson Intro to LibreOffice Impress Jordan Catholic School.

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1 Presented by Aaron Johnson Intro to LibreOffice Impress Jordan Catholic School

2 Welcome to LibreOffice Impress

3 Choosing your Template You can choose from a number of different template sources. Also keep in mind that Microsoft PointPoint templates should be compatible with LibreOffice Impress. The most obvious places to find templates are: Built-in to LibreOffice LibreOffice Template Website Microsoft PowerPoint Templates Website Internet

4 Customize your template In order to use your template, you will want to change and possibly even remove some of the default slides that it comes with. Some templates come with charts and tables that might be completely useless for your particular presentation. If that is the case, simply remove or delete the invalid content or slides from the template.

5 Creating New Slides To Create a new slide either click 'Insert' 'New Slide' Or Right-click the slide within the 'Slides Pane' on the left that you would like to appear before the new slide and click 'New Slide'

6 Manipulating Slide Layouts Your template will come with a default layout for each new slide that you create. If you do not like the default layout that is created for each new slide then you can change it by using the 'Tasks Pane' located to the right of the slide. Use the various predefined layouts to choose a layout that works best for the current slide that you are working on.

7 Adding Content to your Slides Once you are happy with your Template and Slide Layout, you can begin to add content to your slides.

8 Adding Pictures You can add pictures that you've downloaded from the Internet or pictures you have taken with a digital camera to a slide either by clicking the Picture icon on an unused area of a slide: Or you can click 'Insert' 'Picture' 'From File' From there you must browse to the picture file that you are trying to add to the slide.

9 Resizing Pictures To resize a picture, either drag one of the handles located on the corner or sides of a picture: Or you can right-click on the picture and select 'Position and Size'. To bring the image back to it's original size, right-click and select 'Original Size'

10 Adding a text box If you have already begun creating your slide and you would like to add a text box to it, just click the Text box tool located on the drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen

11 11/14/2013


13 Changing Slide Order You can change the order of your slides by simply dragging them up/down using the Slides pane located on the left side of your screen Hiding and Duplicating Slides You can also hide and duplicate slides by using the 'Hide Slide' and 'Duplicate Slide' buttons when hovering your mouse pointer above a slide on the Slides pane.

14 Printing a presentation If you would like to print a presentation to hand out for people to refer to during a presentation, you can print out a 'Handouts' version of your presentation by choosing 'Handouts' in the Print dialog:

15 Slide Show And finally, once you are finished with your presentation and you are ready to present it, use the 'Slide Show' button to view the presentation in Full Screen mode: To advance to the next slide, simply click the mouse pointer, or if you have a SMART Board then just tap the screen. To go back to the previous slide, right-click on the screen during the presentation and click 'Previous'

16 Thank you For Supporting Jordan Catholic School and LibreOffice!

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