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Decongesting Torontos Transportation (Circulatory) System One LRT Line at a Time…

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1 Decongesting Torontos Transportation (Circulatory) System One LRT Line at a Time…

2 Circulation is to the Heart as…. Circulatory system Present State: arteries clogged Problem: blood vessels restricted or blocked slowing down blood flow Solution: increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol

3 Transportation is to Toronto Transportation System Present State: roads congested Problem: movement of people, goods and services restricted or blocked slowing down traffic flow Solution: increase sustainable transportation and decrease single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips

4 Blocked vs. Flowing Roads BLOCKED FLOWING

5 Council Agrees December 2011 Council voted to make TTC an essential service January 2011, 3 of 5 City funding requests to Province were transportation related (road projects, transit projects & TTC operating costs) Supporting May 2011 rollout of BIXI program (downtown bike share program over short distances)

6 The Purpose of an LRT Use available road space more efficiently Move people instead of vehicles Revitalize communities via streetscapes Easier/affordable access for everyone …to work …to the game…to the store …to school …to the Dr.

7 Why Finch West? Primary urban street providing continuous east-west mobility 3 areas designated as Growth Avenues bringing in more riders Yonge St to Bathurst St Jane & Finch intersection Weston Rd section in Emery Village Servicing priority neighbourhoods and thousands of low income families Existing road length will accommodate tracks Route includes York U and Humber College

8 Why an LRT? 2,000 riders per hour (peak time) needed to sustain buses in mixed traffic 10,000 riders per hour (peak time) needed for subway to be economically efficient The practical choice….LRT Finch West LRT forecasts 2,300 to 2,800 riders per hour (peak time) Many more societal/local benefits

9 Benefits: Economy Stimulates the job market Large-scale: manufacturing, operations, maintenance, energy production Small-scale: local job creation Stimulates local businesses Greater visibility/exposure Influx of new customers New businesses emerge

10 Benefits: Safety Pedestrian/Cyclists Welcoming road design to pedestrians Signalized crossovers Pedestrian platforms at LRT stops More eyes on the street Revitalized streetscape Secure cycling route Bike lanes separating cyclists from vehicles 17 km of bike lanes

11 Benefits: Health Large-scale Cleaner energy source (electrical) Decreases green house gases and disease causing pollutants Improve air quality Decrease respiratory diseases Decrease hospitalizations & health care costs Small-scale Promotes local active transportation (walking and cycling)

12 War on Cars? 2 vehicular lanes in east-west direction Vehicular access remains the same Left turn lanes and signalized intersections Vehicular traffic controlled Reduce single occupancy vehicular (SOV) trips Vehicular traffic moves quicker Bike lanes Vehicular traffic not slowed down by cyclists Raised platform Vehicular traffic restricted to designated u-turn and left turn crossings VS.

13 Finch LRT Cross Section

14 Problem Solution Problem - raised platform Solution - road markings designating LRT restricted zones with enforcement/penalties Outcome – does not restrict/disrupt vehicular traffic for commuters, deliveries and emergency services

15 A Gr ow ing Finch Ave W… Growth Plans/Development Finch Centre Area Growth Plan Emergy Village Growth Plan York University Growth Plan Downsview Growth Plan Finch/Sentinel Condo Development Institutional Growth Humber College New Master Plan to serve a growing student population Additional growth and investment at North York General and Etobicoke General Hospital

16 The BIG Picture - Toronto …only a comprehensive, regional transit plan will help clear our roads and manage commuting times. Ford and his administration need to see the bigger picture and get cracking. Editorial, North York Mirror, Feb 4, 2011 70% of Torontonians drive cars to work and spend on average 80 minutes each day commuting Toronto ranked the worst for commuting time when compared with 19 international cities Source: Toronto Board of Trade Study, March 2010

17 The BIG Picture - GTHA 25 YEARS FROM NOW Transportation Mode / Commute TimesTODAYNO ACTIONACTION Populationover 6 million8.6 million Average distance travelled by car per day per person262519 % of people living 2 km of rapid transit42%47%81% Total length of rapid transit service in GTHA500 km525 km1,725 km % of commuters with 45 min or less commute by transit38%30%56% % of commuters with 45 min or less commute by car60%49%63% Average time spent commuting per day per person82 min109 min77 min Source: The Big Move, Metrolinx, November 2008

18 LRT Lines vs. Subway Line

19 LRT Plan vs. Light LRT Plan

20 Calgary LRT A Success! 2nd busiest LRT in North America Carries 270,000 people on the average weekday, half of all Calgary transit riders First line opened May 1981 grown to three lines with 38 stations Fourth line underway 2 more lines planned Annual number of riders has more than doubled over the past decade to 75.8 million, far outpacing the growth in the citys population. Source: Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail, Jan 29, 2011

21 LRT Myths Myth #1 – Surface trains will not work in the winter. False - LRT still runs in Calgary and Edmonton during the winter months. Myth #2 - Impractical to build rail lines on low-density suburban routes like Sheppard, Finch and Eglinton. False - Calgarys LRT goes through less-dense terrain, passing sprawling subdivisions and malls. People take the bus or drive their cars to LRT stations, then ride the LRT to jobs downtown. Nearly half of all downtown workers arrive by LRT.

22 Calgary C-Train (LRT) Our experience out here in Calgary is that it actually works very, very well, says Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi when asked about Mr. Fords plan to kill LRT. I think sometimes people are a bit scared of it because they think its like streetcars running in traffic. But if its done well it can work brilliantly at a fraction of the cost of going underground. Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail, Jan 29, 2011

23 LRT Examples LRT in Oregon (USA) LRT in Houston, Texas (USA) Candidate for Toronto LRT

24 Complete Streets – streets for everyone Incorporate all transportation modes (driving, public transit, cycling & walking) Designed and operated to allow safe access for all users (disabled, seniors, youth…everyone)

25 Complete Streets – streets for everyone Let's work towards B! AB

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