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Using LinkedIn in your Job Search => Groups benefits Daulton West, Jr. Daulton West, Jr. Oct 3, 2009 Oct 3, 2009.

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1 Using LinkedIn in your Job Search => Groups benefits Daulton West, Jr. Daulton West, Jr. Oct 3, 2009 Oct 3, 2009

2 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20092 Benefits of joining groups Check tabs - Overview, Discussions, News, Jobs, Updates, Members Network - build relationships / wide network Status updates - very useful information Events - what others attending, upcoming? Groups - what are others joining?

3 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20093 Benefits of joining groups Join groups with others of similar interests - connect / not collect, a wider base of contacts Start a group - share information, generate more contacts, build brand awareness

4 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20094 Groups I have joined or created Joined – –Career Change Central –Career Prospectors –IT Careers in Richmond, VA –Job Search Online –SpinStrategy –Success Networking –Virginia Career Network Created –Richmond Ski Club (for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts)

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8 8 Tips – Join groups, start a discussion, answer a question, post a job / news article Take an interest in others, find a similar hobby or something in common, get to know people (Ex: Alison Doyle and I share a passion for snow skiing ) Offer your services, volunteer, follow people in your locality or industry Interact: share your knowledge, provide a tip, share what you read on the web Dont just build a profile and wait for jobs / others to come to you, be an active group member, and think what value can I add today? If you make yourself valuable / memorable, others will want to make you a part of their network and follow you

9 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20099 Tips - contd Become a source of cutting edge information and share it with others Attend network meetings to get face-to-face time to strengthen online contacts Make yourself easy to find, remember, differentiate yourself (include phone #, email) Be a matchmaker, share contacts / information, build your network Maintain your network: staying in touch is more important than the original connection Find a way to add value, help others - comments turn into phone calls, phone calls turn into relationships

10 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200910 Tips - contd Occasionally mention what steps youre taking in your job search by updating your status in LinkedIn and other social media. (*You will be more effective if you offer frequent tips to help others also in job transition. Avoid a self-promoting tone and dont SPAM people daily with a blatant I need a job type message) Link your LinkedIn profile to Facebook or Twitter (use the power trio of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to promote your brand and reference your LinkedIn profile) Backup LinkedIn profile to.PDF file – save on your computer, share with other career information (Profile page – click on PDF icon)

11 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200911 Professional headline – very important, use industry keywords Social Media Strategist | Webmaster | Marketing / Branding / Web 2.0 Coach | Social Media Reporter for Name Daulton West, Jr. Location Richmond, Va Recommendations 12 people have recommended Daulton Connections 500+ Websites My Google ProfileMy Google Profile Richmond Social Media Examiner A Social Media Champion 4 U Twitter New DWestJrDWestJr Public Profile

12 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200912 Name Daulton West, Jr. Location Richmond, Va Website - Bio Social Media Strategist, Webmaster, Reporter for Examiner, Marketing 2.0, Branding 2.0, Web 2.0 coach / trainer, social networker / music trivia for fun Following 376 Followers 944 Facebook - Twitter - -

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14 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200914 Wrap Up Q & A Contact me Daulton West, Jr. Social Media Strategist / Webmaster / IT Professional Website - Information Systems Director Richmond Ski Club - (804) 270-6147

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