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Tom Marian, Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.

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1 Tom Marian, Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee Continuing the Legacy Tom Marian, Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.

2 Federal Advisory Committee Act 1972
Ensure advice from various advisory committees formed over the years “is objective & accessible to public” Over 1400 federal advisory committees in 1973 report. Gov’t in the Sunshine Act (1976) Termination & Limitation of FACs (1993) OMB Circular on FAC management (1994) FACA exemptions (1995) to promote free comms btwn gov’t entities.

3 Federal Advisory Committee Act
Committees – Should be essential, finite terms, limited powers of providing advice to Executive Branch – not lobbying. Eliminating the locker room discussions under the guise of task forces, subcommittees, working groups that are not open to the public (Fed Reg). FACA database underscores this approach.

4 FACA Management - FIDO
From Biodefense to Railroads to Navigation Search for HOGANSAC, LMRSAC, Inland Waterways User Board, NAVSAC, TSAC, NOSAC, TSAC, USNA Board of Visitors & numerous subcommittees.

5 Houston-Galveston Navigation Safety Advisory Committee (HOGANSAC)
Creation of Public Law ( ) with 5 year-renewal requirement. FACA-driven. Merely codified activity since 1972! Houston VTS Advisory Committee comprised of public & private sector stakeholders. 1981 – Nav. Safety Advisory due to critical nature of waterway. MTS management focus. Stakeholder coordination.

6 Harbor Safety Committees
“Local committees that address safety, security, mobility & environmental protection of a port or waterway” USCG HSC Desk Reference AKA – Waterway Task Forces ; Safety Groups; Safety Councils; Coalitions; Management Fora; Marine Action Teams; Port Safety Councils; Safety Associations; Reaction Teams; Coordination Committees. Thus, in August the WAP will host the National HSC Conference where SETWAC, TBHSSC, MAPCHA & DELMARVA WTC will discuss PCTs.

7 H S C s – A Local Port Coordinating Body
Over 80. USCG divides them regionally Great Lakes Gulf Inland Waters Northeast Northwest Southeast Southwest A key to safe, efficient & environmentally sound port operations. Geared towards the needs of the port at hand.

8 Harbor Safety Committees Potential Stakeholders
Port Authorities • Vessel owners and operators (tankers, dry; cargo, barges, ferries) • Harbor pilots and pilot associations • Marine Exchanges • Docking pilots / tug and tow operators • Shipping agents • Terminal operators • Industry associations (national, state, and local) • Organized Labor • Commercial Fishing Industry Associations • State / Local Government agencies • Federal Government representatives

9 Lone Star HSC HOGANSAC charter in limbo due to DHS review.
Imperative of remaining engaged with Stakeholders. Fall 2011 scoping session & “town hall” meetings. SETWAC Charter & USCG HSC Instruction as guidance. Membership the most significant hurdle. Process next.

10 Lone Star HSC Voting (29) & Non Voting (5) Members. Alternates.
Executive Board of 5. 2 year terms. 3 consecutive term limit. 1 yr break. ½ Board staggered terms. Attendance requirements. Replacement by majority. Subcommittees - engine of the HSC process. New business is genuinely new (no public notice constraints).

11 So What Happened? Lone Star HSC members officially appointed on Feb 17, Charter approved. Positions agreed upon. Subcommittees appoints. Navigation Operations ۩ Waterways Utilization ۩ Training & Outreach ۩ Dredging & Marine Construction. Each SubCmtte has authority to est’b work groups & make advice & recommendations to the full HSC. Met on May 18th for first full meeting. Acted on several navigation issues. Highlights were Brownwater U revitalization. AIS input to USCG. Providing input to Bayport Dredging Project. Next meeting Aug 9, 2012.

Buffalo Marine Service, Inc. Houston, TX "Leading the way and dedicated to exceeding expectations."

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