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WHIRLPOOL Vertical modular Washer

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1 WHIRLPOOL Vertical modular Washer
Brought to you by: Presented by: Rick Kuemin, MSA Training Director

2 Whirlpool Model/Serial Designations/Tech Sheet Location
Questions or comments? Please

3 VMW Operation Questions or comments? Please

4 VMW Design Questions or comments? Please

5 Structure Changes * Cabinet same as direct drive (separate back panel). Cabinet is not removable * Hung suspension (very stable platform) Higher spin speeds Reduces vibration/walking * Basket does not float (WP # ) * No brake * Gearcase attached to bottom with 4-10 mm bolts Questions or comments? Please

6 Transmission Operation
Questions or comments? Please

7 Splutch Questions or comments? Please

8 Splutch Ass’y During Agitation

9 Splutch During Shifting

10 Splutch During Spin

11 Actuator-Lid Lock Mech. Operation
LID LOCKED FOR ALL FUNCTIONS Shifts from agitate to Spin Monitors the position Monitors motor RPM (speed wheel in gearcase-optical sensor) Lid Switch Lock Switch Latch Solenoid Questions or comments? Please

12 VMW Control Panel Eco Monitor Wash Cycle Dial Options Display
Sequencing Lights Questions or comments? Please

13 Components – Top View Questions or comments? Please

14 Components – Top Lifted
Questions or comments? Please

15 Components -- Bottom View
Questions or comments? Please

16 Customer Viewable Codes
There are three codes viewable by the customer Long Fill (Wash LED ON) Long Drain (Spin LED ON) Lid Lock (Lid Lock LED Flashing) Questions or comments? Please

17 Non Intuitive Control Note: Non Intuitive Control
helps keep customers from inadvertently getting into the test mode Questions or comments? Please

18 Test Modes Diagnostic Test Modes
Allow service tech to test and verify all inputs to the machine control electronics Do a quick and overall check of the washer before going to a specific test—Don’t overlook the obvious Questions or comments? Please

19 Access Service Diagnostics
Activation MUST be done within 6 seconds Questions or comments? Please

20 Activation of Test Mode
Correct Activation: 00 and all lights flashing on/off Note: To Exit Test at any time Press Power Button. Washer will automatically revert to normal operation after 5 minutes of inactivity Questions or comments? Please

21 Mode of Operation Test Mode will be identified with the LEDs and/or the appropriate number in the display Questions or comments? Please

22 Fault Codes Display F#-type of Fault
Press/Hold START key 3 sec. to clear all faults F#-type of Fault E#-component system where fault is located Fault Code Display: displays last 4 codes. Turn CCW 1 turn at a time to view the most recent to oldest Note: a fault/error code will be removed from the memory if it does not reoccur after 10 consecutive wash cycles Questions or comments? Please

23 Fault Codes Questions or comments? Please

24 Fault Codes Questions or comments? Please

25 Fault Codes Questions or comments? Please

26 Fault Codes Questions or comments? Please

27 Automatic Test Turn the cycle selector knob until Spin Light is on and/or 02 is in the display Automatic Test: Best done at the end of service or at completion of the installation of the product to make sure that everything is plugged in and to verify proper operation Questions or comments? Please

28 Automatic Test Questions or comments? Please

29 Automatic Test

30 Manual Test Note: Multiple outputs may be activated simultaneously
Turn cycle selector knob until Spin and Done Lights are on and/or 03 is displayed Note: Outputs left on, will time out after 5 minutes

31 Manual Test

32 Manual Test

33 Calibration Mode Turn cycle selector knob until Rinse Light is on and/or 04 is displayed

34 Calibrate When??? Calibrate when any of these systems are replaced

35 Calibration Mode

36 Sales Mode

37 UI Mode Test

38 Main Control Board Connectors and Pins

39 Valve Resistance Test Resistance values of all valves are between Ohms This will test the electrical connections and the valves themselves

40 Shifter Test

41 Shifter Voltages/Resistance Checks
Always ensure plugs connections are secure Shifter Motor Control AC output 120 VAC Shifter-Switch DC output Shifter Motor resistance—J 16 pins 1-2 is 2K-3K ohms-Checks the resistance through the harness and shifter motor

42 Optical Sensor Circuit
Slowly turn the basket by hand

43 Ohm the Harness

44 Line Voltage Path

45 Low Voltage Circuits

46 Drive Motor Neutral Lid Lock MUST be closed to provide the motor neutral

47 Strip Circuit--Shifter

48 Strip Circuit--Shifter

49 Strip Circuit--Motor

50 Strip Circuit—Drain Pump

51 Removing Control Panel

52 Replacing User Interface
2 1 Adhered to Console 4 3

53 Removing Tub Top

54 Suspension Rods

55 Coin Trap

56 Reinstalling Basket

57 Reinstalling Basket

58 Reinstalling Basket

59 Shaft Seal

60 Harness Clips

61 Service Tips--Cycles

62 Service Tips--Cycles

63 Service Tips--Cycles

64 Cycle Chart

65 Now for the disassembly
and diagnostic testing

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