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Background Incorporated in 1996 Telecom & Enterprise Solutions

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0 LTE Workshop TIA June 2012 Pario Solutions, Inc.
October 2002 LTE Workshop TIA June 2012 Pario Solutions, Inc. 20735 Sterlington Drive Land O’Lakes, FL 34638 Phone:

1 Background Incorporated in 1996 Telecom & Enterprise Solutions
Locations: Land O’ Lakes, Florida (Headquarters) Nashua, New Hampshire – SW Development & VAS Dallas, Texas – Hosted Equipment Kingston, Jamaica – NOC & Engineering Support Key Technologies: Wireless - GSM, WCDMA, LTE Wireline - LAN/WAN, ATM, IP, DSL, Optical Company Strengths Technical diversity Vast engineering experience Key Partners Nokia-Siemens Juniper Networks

2 Commercial LTE Launches

3 LTE Subscription Growth


5 Mobile Broadband Driver - Lower Cost & Increased Bandwidth
Reduction of network cost is necessary to remain profitable Revenues and Traffic decoupled Traffic Revenue Traffic volume €/bit Profitability Network cost Voice dominated Data dominated Time

6 HSPA/LTE Peak Data Rate Evolution
HSPA downlink data rate increases with 2x2 MIMO and 64QAM up to 42 Mbps and uplink data rate with 16QAM up to 11 Mbps LTE further increases the data rate beyond 100 Mbps with larger bandwidth of 20 MHz 3GPP R5 3GPP R6 3GPP R7 3GPP R8 LTE: 170 Mbps HSPA: 42 Mbps** Downlink peak rate 28 Mbps* 14 Mbps 14 Mbps 11 Mbps LTE: 50 Mbps 5.7 Mbps 0.4 Mbps Uplink peak rate *With 2x2 MIMO and 16QAM **With 2x2 MIMO and 64QAM likely for R8

7 Business Drivers Over Next 24 Months
More & more bandwidth demanded Bandwidth intensive applications: Real-time Video – Conferencing, Gaming, VOD, IPTV, Security Monitoring Road Warriors – Data Sync, , File Transfers Data Network Redundancy CONTENT DRIVEN USAGE !!!! Policy Control – Effective bandwidth utilization management DSL or cable modem substitute Terminal may be a laptop with a data card, PDA, Internet Tablet – 3GPP standardization driving device availability Alternative to WiMAX/WiFi Mobile broadband with Global Roaming

8 Voice Optimized: 2G Circuit Based Architecture
PSTN MSS/HLR VM, SMS BSC GSM/Edge BTS A A-Bis SS7, GRX & Gs Presence, PoC, MMS Voice & Data call Gb SGSN GSM Voice Data Element BTS Y TRX BSC MSS Sub, HW & SW Matrix HLR Sub SGSN Sub & Thruput GGSN Thruput GGSN Gn Internet Connectivity Gi Data rates up to 384 kbps

9 Data Improved: WCDMA (3G) Architecture
PSTN MSS/HLR VM, SMS RNC Node B IuCS IuB SS7, GRX & Gs Presence, PoC, MMS Voice & Data call IuPS SGSN WCDMA Voice Data Element Node B Y CE RNC CE & Thruput MSS Sub, HW & SW Matrix HLR Sub SGSN (3G) Sub & Thruput GGSN (3G) Thruput GGSN Gn Internet Connectivity Gi Data rates up to 14.4 Mbps

10 Data Optimized: LTE System Architecture
HLR/NVS IMS: IM, Presence, PoC Video sharing VoIP, IP Centrex User plane Control plane SS7, GRX & Content & Connectivity Internet+ Intranets Flexi-NS Flexi-NG HSPA device LTE eNode(B) S5 Interface Direct Tunnel Standardized Standardized with vendor specific extensions Data rates up to 140 Mbps

11 Packet Core Evolution

12 QoS Parameters from CN

13 NSN e2e QoS Functionality & Architecture

14 Voice over EPC Architecture Overview

15 Voice in LTE – Fallback with Dual-Mode Device
Mobile Voice is limited in current LTE devices The first voice solution in LTE relies on CS fallback handover where LTE terminal is moved to 2G/3G to make CS call while suspending LTE traffic Eventually LTE voice solutions will be VoIP + IMS CS voice call will not be possible in LTE since there is no CS core interface OTT VOIP applications are also available on many devices Paging in LTE CS Fallback handover E-UTRAN MME MSC-S MGW CS call setup in 2G/3G 2G/3G RAN

16 LTE data and voice live deployment plans
Broad Band CSFB SRVCC Data oriented terminals Data & voice oriented terminals Single radio terminals LTE/IP only terminals Service continuity is key for existing operators. They do not want to introduce disruption point to their subscribers. Installed base in key for NSN. We do not want to introduce network revolution which would lead to open competion. LTE data 2G/3G voice 2G/3G LTE LTE 2010 2012 2013 20XX 2G/3G LTE 16

17 LTE Hosted Option – Only eNode B(s) in Market

18 LTE Hosted Option - Flexi-NG in Market

19 Pario Differentiators
October 2002 Operate Multiple Live Networks Knowledge base and experience Dedicated Engineering Team Turnkey Solutions Hosted Services Network Equipment Providers Experts per Sub-System Core RAN OSS Trouble Ticket Database , website and phone Issue resolution and tracking Software and Report Delivery via ftp Hosted OSS Solution 24/7 NOC Center

20 24x7 NOC & Customer Support
October 2002 Pario Hosted Network (Dallas, TX) Pario Customer Alarm Flow 1) Call 24x7 Call Center/Help Desk ( ) 2) support Network Monitoring with NetAct (NMS) Web Access Pario NOC Tier 1 24x7 Monitoring Ph. #: x452 Service Affecting Alarm or Issue Logging Trouble Ticket System Yes Resolution Yes Logging Escalation Analysis & Troubleshooting Tier 3 3rd Party Providers Pario Tier II Hosting & Engineer Support No Escalation

21 Value Proposition for Operators
October 2002 Significantly reduces capital investment and operational expenses – Breakeven within 3 years Cost savings can be applied to other critical business initiatives Hedge against obsolescence due to rapid change in technology Overlay LTE w/o over burdening existing staff and operations

22 October 2002 Thank You 22

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