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IBM Industry Security Electric Sector Security Awareness Rising

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1 IBM Industry Security Electric Sector Security Awareness Rising
1 May 2013

2 In the beginning ... 2

3 Presenting: the grid

4 The great convergence 4

5 Grid operations and security

6 Both sides of the aisle care about this

7 Environment & Smart Grid security: connecting the dots
Environment improves when fossil fuel use is reduced Utility-scale and DG wind, solar, hydro + EE + DR help reduce fossil fuel use But the legacy grid can't tolerate the high levels of intermittency in wind and solar So in the US and elsewhere we're modernizing the grid for this (and a number of other reasons) However, if adversaries can reveal the Smart Grid to be susceptible to repeated, disruptive attacks, we won't trust it enough to deploy it Many orgs and individuals are working to secure the Smart Grid However, since we don't measure security it's hard to know how secure/insecure we are at present, and if/when it's secure enough based on risk tolerance Developing and deploying mutually agreed version 1.0 security metrics and using them to identify gaps and roadmap to an improved state can get us back to the top

8 A measurement movement is forming
Presidential EO and NIST Crit Infra Cybersecurity Framework working group (Mar 2013) Developing metrics to baseline CI providers DOE's Electricity Subsector Cybersecurity Maturity Model (Jun 2012) Metrics for utilities to use to baseline and gauge effectiveness DOE’s Electricity Subsector Risk Management Process (May 2012) Help translating cybersecurity into risk management framework NARUC's Cybersecurity for State Regulators (Jun 2012, Feb 2013 update) Questions utilities will be asked by their state public utility commissions NIST’s NISTIR 7628 Assessment Guide (Aug 2012) NRECA's Guide to Developing a Cybersecurity and Risk Mitigation Plan (June 2011)

9 Security Governance for utilities
Security as risk management A fully integrated security enterprise Security by design Business-oriented security metrics and measurement Change that begins at the top IBM’s 10 essential security actions

10 Making security metrics – here's a start

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