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Leadership Weeks 4-6 Education 618C – Learning, Leadership and Reflective Practice Facilitator: Dr. H.J. (Tom ) Thompson.

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1 Leadership Weeks 4-6 Education 618C – Learning, Leadership and Reflective Practice Facilitator: Dr. H.J. (Tom ) Thompson

2 Journey Objectives To examine the theoretical and practical models of leadership To apply leadership theory to practical higher education settings To develop a professional philosophy of leadership in a community college setting

3 Facilitator Expectations - I Complete the readings, etc. for the three week period and listen to the March 29th Elluminate lecture Contribute to the asynchronous large group (LG) activity on Moodle by posting to one another your insights, etc. to the LG focus questions Contribute (post) to your asynchronous small group (SG) activity on Moodle by delving deeper into the SG focus questions Prepare a first draft of your 2500 synthesis paper and post it on April 18th

4 Levels of Leadership Lecture Leadership as (Scientific) Management Leadership as Excellence Management Values Leadership Trust Culture Leadership Spiritual (Whole-Soul) Leadership They relate to each other in terms of concentric circles

5 Leadership as (Scientific) Management Leadership equals management in that it focuses on getting others to do work the leader wants done, essentially separating the planning (management) from the labor Control, planning, incentives and predictability Optimal productivity & resource allocation Measuring/appraising, organizing & resourcing Shaping the Managerial (Leadership) Mind

6 Leadership as Excellence Leadership Leadership emphasizes quality and productivity processes improvement,– i.e. continuous quality improvement Changing or trying to enhance a system or create continual process improvement Keep the vision relevant Innovation and improvement are critical Transforming the common culture, and the leaders perspective, as well as changing followers perspectives Manage (Lead) by Wandering Around

7 Values Leadership Leadership is the integration of group behavior and shared values through setting values and teaching them to followers through an articulated vision Encourage self-led followers Focuses communication around the values, mission, vision and outcomes Coaching and empowering Governance (Leading) as Stewardship

8 Trust Culture Leadership Leadership is a process of building cultures within which the leader and follower trust each other to accomplish mutually valued goals Shared culture; team-building Measuring/appraising/rewarding groups Prioritization of mutual cultural values and organizational conduct in terms of values Shared Leadership

9 Spiritual (Whole-Soul) Leadership Leadership is the integration of the components of work and self – of the leader and each follower – into a comprehensive system that fosters continuous growth as self-directed leaders Inspiration, moral standards, intelligent organizations Modeling a service organization upon individual wholeness within a community Lives of Moral Leadership

10 Large Group Discussion Question(s) In no more than 3-4 sentences, and based upon your Fairholm & Fairholm, (2009) readings, describe your leadership philosophy. Are leaders born, not made? What effect does the environment have upon leadership skills, abilities and knowledge? Why are leaders even needed in organizations?

11 Small Group (SG) Discussion References Coles, R. (2000). Lives of Moral Leadership, New York: Random House, Inc. Peters, T. and Waterman R. (1982). In Search of Excellence, New York: HarperCollins Publishers Bolman, L.G., & Deal, T.E. (2008). Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership (4 th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Chait, R.P., Ryan, W.P. & Taylor, B.E. (2005). Governance as Leadership – Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards, Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

12 Coles R. Resource & SG Question(s) Resource: -moral.html -moral.html Question(s): Coles said, We need heroes, people who can inspire us, help shape us morally, spur us on to purposeful action – and from time to time we are called on to be those heroes … Share one of those times with your small group

13 Peters T. and Waterman R. SG Question(s) Resource: searchofexcellence.htm searchofexcellence.htm In referencing G. Burns, in his book Leadership, said, Transforming leadership occurs when someone engages with others in such a way that leaders & followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation & morality. Share an example from your college.

14 Bolman L.G. and Deal T.E. SG Question(s) Resource: Reframe your college organization, or one you have been associated with in the last 5 years, or one you would like to be associated with, using the structural, human resource, political and symbolic frames. One more thing. If you could add a fifth frame, what would it be? Why?

15 Chait R.P., Ryan W.P. and Taylor B.E. SG Question(s) Resource: lesnet/articlefiles/3050-Governance-as- Leadership.pdf lesnet/articlefiles/3050-Governance-as- Leadership.pdf It is said, Generative governance serves institutions as both a resource of fresh approaches to familiar territory and a lucid guide to important new territory. Is this happening in your college? Examples?

16 Contact Information Dr. H.J. (Tom) Thompson, President, Olds College E-mail: Phone: 403 556-8301 (College) For more information on Olds College: For more information on Governance:

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