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Adda Rúna Valdimarsdóttir

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1 Adda Rúna Valdimarsdóttir

2 biophilia educational program
Curver Thoroddsen . program director

3 biophilia educational program
Björk Guðmundsdóttir Charity Fund The City of Reykjavík The University of Iceland

4 welcome to biophilia Biophilia intro text read by
sir David Attenborough

5 what is biophilia? . Bio = life Philia = fondness
Love or passionate interest for life-nature-world in a big context. (not related to environment ****)

6 the biophilia galaxy Music and lyrics (influenced by science)
Conventional album Apps for touch screens (currently only iPad) The first “app album” in the world Especially built instruments f.e.gravity harp, Unusual concert Residency / extended city stays Educational program

7 How it al started

8 Skiplag deilingvsindi tonlis app

9 Hands on learning, experiments, learning by doing, creativity

10 Different teacher different

11 biophilia educational concept
Creativity as a learning tool Learning by doing Ballance between music and science Important to keep ballance theory and vocational education.

12 biophilia educational concept
Doesn’t follow logical order. Chaos stimulates and keeps focus. B-C-A-D vs. A-B-C-D

13 Cross disclipinary







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