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John Squires, Chattanooga State Community College

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1 John Squires, Chattanooga State Community College
Do the Math John Squires, Chattanooga State Community College

2 A Brief Overview of Course Redesign
Redesign the Whole Course Continuous Improvement isn’t Possible Without Teamwork Ongoing Assessment & Prompt Feedback Students need to always know how they are doing. Technology can help provide this. Active Learning Students don’t learn anything if they don’t do anything. Individual Assistance When students struggle they need help. Time on Task Course layout can help keep students engaged.

3 Cleveland State Redesign
3 Developmental Math Classes Basic Math, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra Emporium Model, Mastery Learning, 1+ 2 Format Weekly Expectations, Points for Everything 7 College Math Classes College Algebra, Finite Math, Statistics (1 + 2) Precalculus I & II, Applied Trig, Business Calculus (2 + 1) Scheduling Benefits Continuous Enrollment Plan One Room Schoolhouse Results Developmental math success increased from 51% to 67% College math success increased from 71% to 76%

4 Chattanooga State Redesign
Developmental Math 2 Shell Courses to fit new TBR Guidelines Emporium Model, Mastery Learning, Format MyMathLab, Mini Lectures, Videos, Course Workbook College Math Replacement/Emporium Model Contemporary Math, College Algebra, Statistics Pre-calculus I & II, Calculus I & II Math for Elementary Teachers Results Exit rate went from 23% to 33% Withdrawal rate cut in half (13% to 5% 10-11) 500 more students in college math than dev math F2012

5 What If It Works? (Cleveland)

6 What If It Works? (Chattanooga)

7 Students Passing College Math
Reaching the Goal Line Students Passing College Math 2007F 2011F % increase Cleveland State Chattanooga State

8 Can I get a witness? Tenn. Board of Regents (Schutz & Tingle)
Strong positive impact on course success Strong positive impact on next course success Harvard University (Boatman) “Among those enrolled in developmental math, however, students completed an average of 3.3 credits more of their attempted credits (or an average of one course) than their peers assigned to college-level math.” “At Cleveland State, the redesigned courses led to more college-level credits after two years.”

9 Closing the Gap Cleveland State Redesign Chattanooga State Redesign
TBR and UF studies found that gender and race were no longer factors in predicting course success – achievement gaps were closed Chattanooga State Redesign Low – income students tracked and compared to all students in terms of course success, accelerated learning, and fall to spring retention No gaps were found, low-income students performed as well as other students across the board in all areas

10 Keys to Closing the Gap Getting students to Do the Math Helping Struggling Students Making Sure They Learn the Material – Mastery Learning I believe that mastery learning is the critical missing link in the education of low achievers. Patricia K. Cross, 1976 Accent on Learning

11 Working with High Schools
ECHO (Early College Hybrid Online) Courses Offered as Online Courses with On-ground Assistance – Classes Meet At Least Two Days A Week in Computer Classroom College Teachers and High School Teachers Work as a Team Provides Quality Assurance Expands Opportunities for Early College ECHO can be offered in any high school 97% Success Rate, 3.3 Course GPA

12 Expanding Enrollment

13 Expanding Opportunities

14 Keys to a Successful Redesign
“My Math Lab” Built to capacity, friendly atmosphere Most utilized resource on campus Online Resources Fully integrated, quality throughout Guided learning path Program Expectations Well established and reasonable Provide structure, keep students on task Patience Changing a culture takes time

15 If at first you don’t succeed…
University of Alabama

16 And Finally… My Teachable Moment Questions? John Squires

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