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Lose Weight Without Dieting! Weight Loss is a CHOICE.

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1 Lose Weight Without Dieting! Weight Loss is a CHOICE.

2 You Cant Lose When Your Body Wont Let You! Medications leach important nutrients. Nutritional & hormonal imbalances cause the body to store fat.

3 Take The Personal Health Diagnostic ITS FREE! Online questionnaire taken at your convenience. Risk assessment for heart disease & diabetes. Identify thyroid or candida possibilities.

4 Dont Diet ~ Just EAT! It takes calories to burn calories Starvation causes body to store fat Supplements help raise metabolism & control appetite Dont weigh portions or count calories ~ this creates an unhealthy preoccupation with food

5 .. All Calories are NOT Equal! Calorie counting does NOT work… 1000 calories of chocolate has a much more negative impact on the body….. … than 1000 calories of lean roast beef.

6 .. Focus on Protein The correct balance of proteins, fruits & vegetables are needed daily to ensure the body operates properly. Eat as much protein (chicken, seafood, turkey, lean red meat) as possible - a minimum of 10-12 ounces daily.

7 .. High Carb/Low Protein Diet is Unhealthy It will result in … Excess fat storage Sweet cravings Low energy Mood swings Constant hunger Slow Metabolism

8 .. Fruits & Vegetables Are Unlimited Daily Limit high sugar fruits to every other day. Low sugar fruits like apples & cantaloupe, or citrus fruits like grapefruit and lemons are unlimited daily.

9 .. Eat Fruit ~ Dont Juice It Avoid fruit juices… They are high in concentrated sugar without the benefit of the fiber found in the fruit. 5 ounces of juice! =

10 .. Limit Dairy & Starchy Carbohydrates Select 1 meal for the dairy category. This will help control fat intake. If you have eggs for breakfast, don't eat cheese for lunch. Eat 2 portions of carbohydrates each day such as rice, pasta, potato, corn, or bread. When eating both starch servings as an entrée, be sure an get adequate protein the rest of the day.

11 .. Why limit carbs? It takes 15 minutes of jogging for the body to burn 1 slice of 40 calorie diet bread! Is it really worth it?

12 X X X X Whats A Starchy Carb Serving? Eat 2 starchy carbs per day ~ whatever you consider a normal portion If you currently eat 6 servings of starchy carb and cut back to 2… you will lose weight!

13 .. Avoid All White Starches Eat Whole Grains White starches stimulate glucose & insulin (sugar) production, which ultimately turns to fat. Whole grain breads, wheat, and seeds add fiber, which acts as a body cleanser.

14 . Drink Water Water is the single most important element for weight loss success: It flushes fats from the body It helps curb hunger Controls fluid retention Plumps skin for younger look Rids body of toxins & waste Maintains proper muscle tone Lack of water causes weight GAIN! Drink 8 eight-ounce glasses DAILY!

15 Dont Skip Meals Frequent smaller meals are best 5-6 mini-meals keep metabolism higher Regular meals help control cravings & hunger Regular meals keep stress hormones (cortisol) excretion lower

16 Eat Breakfast… Its Important Jumpstarts the metabolism for the day – Eat by 10 AM Body has been without food 8-10 hours Keeps the body hormonally balanced Protein-rich breakfast increases metabolism at least 10%

17 What Is A Good Breakfast? Eggs or egg whites Breakfast steaks Dinner meats Vegetable leftovers Fish ~ lox Yogurt Protein shakes

18 Avoid Traditional Breakfast Foods Traditional breakfast foods do not contain adequate protein. Starchy carb items send insulin soaring & cause hunger or sugar cravings pastry Use waffle picture cereal picture

19 Dont Drink Meals Protein shakes can be good, however, many are high in carbohydrates. Be sure you dont add a lot of sugar & calories by improving taste with lots of fruit.

20 Serving Sizes Read labels! Be aware of recommended servings on all packaged and processed foods.

21 .. Make Adjustments ~ Alcohol Drink alcohol in moderation Medical experts say: 1 drink per day for women 2 drinks per day for men Alcohol slows the metabolism!

22 Food Alternatives Chicken breast Processed Meat Beef slices Frig Grazing Light popcorn Chips Popsicle Ice Cream Rice Cake INSTEAD OF Crackers Sparkling water Soda 5 Hershey Kisses Candy Bar Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Sweet Potato Baked Potato Fresh Fruit Something Sweet

23 Clean Out The Refrigerator Dont stock unhealthy foods. Remove old, expired condiments. Keep healthy snacks handy.

24 Shop The Supermarket Perimeter Avoid the isles with packaged & processed food. Perimeter offers: Fresh produce Bakery Dairy Butcher Dept Buy fresh whenever possible.

25 Just Eating Right Isnt Enough YOU NEED TO: Control Appetite Elevate the Metabolism Burn Fat

26 Supplements Make The Difference 2 Weight Loss Options: RX Original Formula & Supreme

27 RX Caps Original Formula. Cascara Sagrada, a mild plant laxative Fo-Ti for kidney, liver and blood function Hawthornberry for stabilized blood pressure Licorice Root, an herbal stabilizer Mate, a mood elevator * Valerian Root, prevents nervousness UvaUrsi, a mild diuretic * Henna, an antihypertensive herb Astragalus Root for boosting the immune system Controls appetite & boosts metabolism. Contains 5 mgs. of ephedrine per capsule. Requires a prescription.

28 . Fit America SUPREME The newest and most exciting formula, SUPREME is a powerful combination of three clinically proven ingredients for weight loss: LeptiCore ®, 7-Keto DHEA and CLA Helps provide multi-functional weight loss activity Helps support a feeling of fullness & satiety Promotes thermogenesis & fat burn Boosts metabolism No prescription required

29 7-Keto Featured on Dr. Oz Use SUPREME with 7-Keto DHEA...freezes your metabolism where you want it to be, back in the high range....helps convert fat to does all kinds of cool things with the energy factories in our cells......and the best part is, its extremely safe!

30 Accelerator Boosts Energy Full B-Complex formula with B-12 and Gurana. Works great with both weight loss products. Increase results while boosting energy!

31 Fit Fats Are A Must! Fit Fats provide the good fats your body needs to eliminate bad fats. Omega 3 essential fatty acids Critical for brain development Improves immune function Increases good hormones Improves skin & hair quality

32 Best Multi-Vitmain EVER! * Formulated for weight loss * 4-5 times more potent than basic multi-vitamins * Complete, anti-oxidant formula Provides the nutritional balance needed for successful weight loss.

33 .. All Supplements Work Together Fit Fats (Essential Fatty Acids) Nutritional Complex Multivitamin Calcium Chewables CoQ10 Plus Accelerator Quick Start Cleanser

34 Medical Grade Supplements All Fit America product made to FDA standards in FDA regulated facilities. All products use pharmaceutical coatings for faster delivery into the body.

35 .. Wellness Center Provides Additional Support

36 Tips For Every Week Eat frequent, smaller meals Focus on high protein / low carb meal plans Exercise Keep unwanted foods out of refrigerator Read labels & shop smart Make home less stressful Write down goals & progress made so far Communicate… how can others help? Find a buddy ~ weight loss loves company! Stay Positive!

37 Poor Health is Expensive! ELIMINATE THESE PURCHASES FROM YOUR GROCERY LIST… Thomass English muffins3.99 Newmans popcorn2.87 Bacon2.49Potato Chips3.79 Entenmanns Donuts3.69Apple Juice3.39 Orange Juice2.39Soda (12)4.99 Pop Tarts3.55Corn Flakes3.99 Mini Wheats Cereal4.55Oreo Cookies4.99 Ritz Crackers3.85Grape Jelly2.79 Syrup4.69Pancake mix3.39 Waffles1.89Hamburger Helper2.89 Tostitos3.99Spaghetti.89 Croutons1.70Hot Cocoa1.99 Frozen Lasagna2.39Hot Dogs4.99 Buns.79Beer 6-pack5.99 Ice Cream2.49Cold Cuts6.29 Cheese- pound4.38Chicken Nuggets3.99 Mayonnaise1.99Pizza7.99 … SAVE $115.04 PER WEEK!

38 Congratulations! We look forward to seeing LESS of YOU! Good Luck!

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