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Information s t o a g e e w a i s k r d ©. information is power.

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1 information s t o a g e e w a i s k r d ©

2 information is power

3 those who control the information have the power

4 with great power comes great responsibility

5 who is responsible?

6 Operation Vendor Annuity Army Marines Air Force Navy NG/Reserves Coast Guard DoD CIA FBI NSA DHS

7 who should have control? who should be responsible?

8 ITIM it depends on who you ask ?

9 ITIM square peg, round hole two groups, one goal

10 aggregation discovery identification classification protection management retention migration preservation dissemination

11 the gap and the overlap

12 Personnel Policymaking Applications Workflows Investments the overlap find and eliminate redundancy

13 Expertise Communication Policy-sharing Access control $contribution$ the gap seek and demand cooperation

14 technological challenges interoperability findability usability adaptability

15 personnel challenges turf politics core competencies roles and responsibilities communication leadership buy-in

16 solve the people problem or you will continue to undermine your IT and IM investments

17 pay me now or pay me later

18 Joseph Martins Managing Director Data Mobility Group visit us online:

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