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Experiential Approaches

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1 Experiential Approaches
Steve Hanson Director, Bureau of Addiction Treatment Centers NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

2 Does this work for everyone?

3 Learning Styles People learn by watching People learn by hearing
People learn by reading People learn by doing

4 Experiential Activities
Encourage neurochemical recovery Allow the client to experience the feelings, solutions, and outcomes. Can be fun Practice the behavior Team Building – Support for Drug Court Participants Problem Solving – must think through

5 Think of the issues for two people
New Participant Recovery – it’s not what I’m used to. I’ll do it my way I don’t trust these people Needs to learn new skills New Prosecutor Drug Court – it’s not what I’m used to. I’ll do it my way I don’t trust these people Needs to learn new skills

6 Traditional “Talk” Therapy
Individual/Group sessions Talk about “issues” “Talking the Talk” An “artificial” environment Can be dominated by certain members Some people don’t talk

7 Lectures/Movies Used to present information –important
Less interaction – passive Retention issues – particularly in early recovery Application issues – can you do it after hearing/watching it?

8 Experiential Approaches
Everyone participates Does not require great verbal skills Participants must think through problems Experience whether their solutions work. Fun and energizing

9 Concepts Trust Thinking “out of their box”
“My way isn’t working so well” Communication Following directions Listening “I could use some help”

10 Experiential Activities
Role Plays – what scenarios will folks face Paper exercises “Game Shows” – Recovery Jeopardy Exercises Ropes Course

11 O E O L O N R D N Y W

12 Role Plays Who will I have to say no to?
“The Bad Day” with a Greek Chorus My last relapse Dealing with triggers Benefits – think through situations, practice the behavior


14 Exercises Activities designed to elicit feelings Learning moments
Use different props – cheap Fun to do. Watch the participants – their issues will be right in front of you.

15 Ropes Courses Low elements High elements Group problem solving
Doing things you never thought you could do. Fun without drugs Look for colleges with recreation therapy programs

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