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The World’s New Natural Active

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1 The World’s New Natural Active
Totarol™ The World’s New Natural Active

2 Mende Biotech Limited Mende Biotech Limited was established in 1999 to: Develop and commercialise the manufacture of Totarol™ Focus on research and development in native plants for medicines and oils Establish sustainable and natural extraction methods to supply a selected client base.

3 What is Totarol™ Totarol™ is extracted from recycled Podocarpus totara heartwood using supercritical CO2.

4 The product Totarol™ Totarol™ is a pale yellow powder/solid which has no taste and minimal aroma.

5 Chemical Composition of Totarol™
Totarol™ is a natural extract enriched in the aromatic diterpenoid, Totarol: C20H30O. It also contains other bioactives related in structure to Totarol. Totara can live for up to 1000 years – Totarol and related compounds in Totarol™ protect the tree from microbial attack

6 Antibacterial Activity
Totarol™ is a naturally occurring plant extract with potent anti-bacterial activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Totarol™ is active against acne and tooth decay bacteria, and is one of the rare phytochemicals active against penicillin and methicillin resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus

7 Antioxidant Activity Creams and oils
Totarol™ is a potent antioxidant for unsaturated fats and oils, and does not lose its activity with time, c.f. vitamin E Totarol™ strongly inhibits lipid peroxidation and scavenges ROS (reactive oxygen species)

8 What you can use Totarol™ for?
It can be used as a preservative base but has to be combined with an anti-mould substance Skin care products Toothpaste/Oral care products Baby Nappy rash creams Anti Acne solutions Hair care products

9 The percentage of Totarol™ to use should be around 0.1%
How to use Totarol™ The percentage of Totarol™ to use should be around 0.1% Add under heat with any oil; add to ethanol; mix under heat with base ingredients in the early stage of manufacture. Totarol™ does not degrade under heat.

10 Raw material supply There is an abundant supply of the raw material (dead wood) from the native totara tree available There is an abundant supply of stumps, fence posts, and old house piles, as well as fallen logs, which will guarantee a regular supply for decades to come.

11 Manufacturing Process
We have developed a novel, patented, supercritical extraction process to give us our unique product, Totarol™.



14 Essentially NZ Essentially New Zealand is the international sales and marketing representative of Mende Biotech Limited and all inquiries should be directed to this company

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