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School Leadership: From Performing Music to Making Music

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1 School Leadership: From Performing Music to Making Music

2 Evolution of School Leadership
Manager Overseeing instructional subordinates Instructional Leader Foreman overseeing, trouble shooting, repairing malfunctions Transformational/Transactional Leader Leaders of Meaning

3 Leaders of Meaning Recognize the need for change
Creating new visions and commitments to visions Concentration on long term goals Inspires others to try and transcend their interests for organizational goals New Metaphors for leadership are evident in music

4 Centrist Leadership In a traditional music program…
orchestra/band/chorus goal: the faithful reproduction of the music as written by the composer conductor functions as the leader, responsible for any nuance and interpretation

5 Centrist Leadership Thereby, the policy (score) is generated (composed) by the legislature (composers) Principals (conductors) are expected to take the policy (score) and get the teachers (musicians) to perform faithfully Once teachers receive the policy (score) they are expected to create mini orchestras (students) playing their parts carefully diligent to what the teacher (conductor) directs

6 New Leadership – The Jazz Combo
no de-facto leader; once started, each plays their own interpretation guided by a common melody room for experimentation leadership changes from player to player, depending where the melody is group is held together through leadership, but not a single leader each member brings unique expertise and if any musician fails to do their part adequately, the music is audibly impacted

7 What is School Leadership?
Leadership is best understood from an organizational perspective rather than a traditional centrist perspective derived from concern of positional authority

8 Schools with Strong Leadership
Strong sense of individual and group organizational efficacy All members believe they can play well and pay well together as a group A school culture that reflects the primacy of maintaining a strong teaching and learning environment Though improvised, you can always hear the melody A curriculum heavily grounded in constructivist learning for both students and teachers Each member puts their own signature on the music played

9 Schools with Strong Leadership
An exciting and robust social environment and culture Enthusiastic, engaged and highly enthusiastic about the music A level of teacher autonomy that allows for creativity but not at the expense of the accomplishing group goals Cannot play as one pleases without regard to the music and the group’s performance Adequate breadth and depth of professional and pedagogical content knowledge A broad understanding of the music

10 Schools with Strong Leadership
Cooperativeness and collaboration among group members Listening and musically responding to others A sense of collaborative ownership and contributions An understanding of the music and ones contribution to it A sense of leadership that is constantly evolving, acquired, dynamic and not ruled by committee  Making music vs. performing music

11 ‘Traditional’ Schools
driven by external goals developed off site with little teacher input what the students should know at the end of the year has been pre-determined success in attaining goals is measured by standardized means faithfully duplicating the score while the teacher conducts

12 ‘Jazz’ Schools curriculum that is viewed as an ongoing process
standards as a part of the educational process, inseparable from the efforts to meet them standardized tests serve as diagnostic tools to see how the music can be improved

13 Leader’s Job keep up with educational needs and trends (audience demands) get teachers (colleagues) to work together collaboratively manage non instructional burdens to free up teachers to teach navigating the dynamic tension between top/down and bottom/up

14 Sources Reconceptualizing School Leadership for the 21st Century: Music, Metaphors and Leadership Density Wade Smith and Chad E. Ellett, Louisiana State University, February 2000

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