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12/20/20131 Steps To Success presents How to use Linkedin.

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1 12/20/20131 Steps To Success presents How to use Linkedin

2 12/20/20132 About Steps To Success Kenneth Lang has extensive IT experience most recently as a online project manager for The New York Times. He has consulted with small and large businesses on how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Kenneth is also active with several local chambers of commerce. He helps companies developing their Linkedin presence through hands on training sessions

3 12/20/20133 What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a business networking website that business professionals use for personal and professional growth I will discuss how to maximize your time using it

4 12/20/20134 LinkedIn and you goals - If you are not on LinkedIn, you are significantly reducing your chances of finding business. If you are on LinkedIn and you dont know what youre doing with your on-line presence, then you may as well not be on LI. What are your goals?

5 12/20/20135 Your business goals Grow your business Market your business Finding resources that your business needed Hiring for your business

6 12/20/20136 Stay on track with goals Keep track of your progress to see if you are meeting your goals. Stay focused and avoid distractions. Re-evaluate periodically and be flexible about making adjustments

7 12/20/20137 My Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn Drum roll, please!!!!

8 12/20/20138 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #1 1) Your photo – Always include a picture in your profile. It humanizes you and makes you seem more approachable.

9 12/20/20139 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #2 2) URL – Always customize the URL to be your name or something folks can remember. Mine is

10 12/20/201310 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #3 3) URL take 2 – If you dont have your own blog or website, buy and include it on your LinkedIn profile. Dont forget to include the www in your profile or it wont work.

11 12/20/201311 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #4 4) Personalize – Always include the way people know you within your company, so you and your brand (company) are one and the same.

12 12/20/201312 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #5 5) Requesting Connections – Always customize your invitation when you ask people to join your network. Include how they know you, how you can benefit them by being a part of their network, and even how you hope to work with them in the future. Leaving the default message says Youre not important enough for me to customize this to you or worse You sent this to 200 people and are probably going to spam my network.

13 12/20/201313 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #6 6) Email address – If youre going to use your work e-mail address, always put your personal e-mail address on your profile as backup just in case you leave a company or business or it disbands.

14 12/20/201314 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #7 7) Export EVERYTHING – Monthly export your contacts so you have a backup with a comma-separated value (.CSV file). You also should email them to your another account (like Gmail or Yahoo!) for double backup.

15 12/20/201315 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #8 8) Recommendations – Ask for recommendations after you do great work. Dont be afraid to offer a suggestion of what a good recommendation to you might look like. Give people you work with/for recommendations when they do great work. Be willing to revise them if folks find typos in your recommendation or if they want you to use different words to say the same thing

16 12/20/201316 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #9 9) Answers – Answer questions in your area of expertise, or recommend the questions you find to experts you know can answer them.

17 12/20/201317 LinkedIn Top 10 Tips - #10 10) Using Linkedin Groups – Join appropriate Linkedin groups and be part of different conversations occurring in each. Never ask folks to respond privately so everyone can learn from you.

18 12/20/201318 Grow your business First state your goal clearly-figure out exactly what you want and then see how LI can be used to help you achieve that goal. Quote: People with goals succeed because they know where theyre going. Its that simple. Earl Nightingale.

19 12/20/201319 Market Your Business Did you realize that….. Business to business professionals are connecting with each other on LinkedIn? People you have worked with could be singing your praises on LinkedIn? Use LinkedIn to find the right contacts

20 12/20/201320 Finding resources that you need Use LinkedIn… If you need advice finding an accountant or other service professional If you want to share a newsworthy article or idea

21 12/20/201321 How LI can get you to your goals Joining groups Posting jobs Answering questions

22 12/20/201322 Steps to Success goals Our company offers group and individual sessions on how to maximize LinkedIn. Our job - give you the tools for marketing yourself. Your job - implement the tools we give you to market yourself.

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