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E-mail Marketing Session The Whys and Hows to Effective Email Campaigns.

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1 E-mail Marketing Session The Whys and Hows to Effective Email Campaigns

2 What is E-Mail Marketing? Primary lead Generator A well written opt-in form can convert up to 10% of visitors to sign up. (so if you are getting 10,000 visitors/month you could have a list of over 10,000 subscribers in under a year.) A communication medium leading to significant increases in the lifetime value of your customers. A way to Establish loyalty and trust with your customers.

3 Why E-Mail Marketing HUGE Revenue Generator Building a solid opt-in list over time could eventually account for 30-50% of an Internet businesses ongoing overall revenue. Stability Its proven you can rely on a stronger sales conversion from your email list and allows opportunity to create revenue on demand rather than just waiting for direct website visitor conversions. Your best prospects are the ones that will give you their email Insurance so that you dont have to rely on PPC or SEO Traffic 90% of visitors will not come back so this is a great way to capture their emails Future Future contact with your opt-ins (prospects) and customers can only be accomplished via email allowing unlimited potential for backend sales or affiliate sales. Cost the least costly means of communication with large numbers

4 Collecting and Managing E-Mails Outsource wisely Use a reputable, feature rich ESP (email service provider) for capturing and sending emails such as (This service is whitelisted meaning that you have a better chance to have your emails actually delivered) Add their subscribe code to your website. Configure your auto-responder series as described in E-Mail Marketing session 2. Spend necessary time getting familiar with your ESPs platform and understand how to segment your lists and personalize your messages.

5 How to Write a Successful Welcome Message after someone subscribes Personalize Include your subscribers name in the subject line and in the main salutation of the message. Show Appreciation Open with a thank you for requesting information and give them the download link for the opt-in document they requested. Tell them you look forward to providing additional valuable information in the months to come. Inform Let them know what they can expect from you and when. Be specific with your frequency details and type of communications (free tips, articles, future promotions) Ask them to add the email address you will be sending your newsletters from to their allow list or contact database. Side Note – If utilizing double opt-in, make sure that this email is configured as well

6 Avoid Spamming Your Lists To most people the term spam means receiving unsolicited junk email from unknown senders. Believe it or not, a good percentage of your subscribers will report your message as spam if it does not address their needs and interests even though they signed up on your site. Make all of your Email messages to your email lists extremely relevant to what you KNOW they will want and make them 80% informational and 20% promotional. NEVER promote unrelated 3 rd party products or your other businesses to these lists. (Segmenting lists can be very beneficial so that the appropriate list receives relevant information and offers)

7 Avoid Spamming – More Tips On top of email put - ** You are a confirmed subscribed member to this list** Most people dont realize the consequences of clicking on spam (Even if content is relevant, people will forget that theyve signed up and click that it is spam) Sign up for different email accounts so that you can test deliverability Honor unsubscribes immediately with an unsubscribe function in all emails

8 Legal Requirements for commercial email communications Include physical address of business in your emails even in small print at the bottom. (CANSPAM Requirement) Send all commercial email from an email address with the same domain name as the domain being represented in the email. Do not send your commercial emails from your yahoo, hotmail, gmail, AOL or personal address. Remind them why they are receiving emails from you at the bottom of your messages. Make sure that you have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email Must have privacy policy link on website

9 Email Marketing Message format and Content Style HTML vs. TEXT Yes, fancy graphics catch the eye but an HTML email should be created as a single basic table with a simple relevant graphic header and then the focus should be on the dialogue. Content Do not spend all of your time creating a fancy looking creative email. Email is an interactive medium which should be focused on a 1-to-1 conversation engaging the reader. Do not treat it as a direct mail or magazine ad. Length of content – visitor should be able to scroll down for length of page Subject Line – Make sure that it is captivating and benefit focused

10 Email Marketing Content Ideas Share a Customer Testimonial this adds credibility. Your not telling your audience how great your product is… they are. Perform a Detailed Review Review a number of products or sites in your industry and tell them the ones you recommend (affiliates). Top 10 ways Tops 10s are easy to read and have proven effective in many mediums. Does Your ____ Add Up? A quiz is an excellent way to engage readers and makes your email interactive. Run a BEST STORY CONTEST ask your readers to share with you a short story related to your topic and the best story chosen will receive a prize appropriate to your product for the story that gets picked. FAQS – Questions from visitors, send out requests, give answers to questions Industry Updates – Recurring theme where you send them what is happening in the industry

11 Interactive elements to use in E-Mails Refer a Friend this function should be included as part of your ESP service and is a great way to virally expand your list. Rate This A little function to gauge the value of your messages to your readers is with a rating out of 5 check box which should also be included as part of your ESP service. Surveys having surveys embedded into your messages or links to quick surveys will help you understand your market better. Reward Survey respondents. Blog Links Promote your blog to your email list and get them to post comments.

12 Conclusion Make time to implement a long term email marketing strategy and choose the right service provider. Get new Opt-in subscribers into an initial weekly auto- responder queue and also send out monthly mass emails which engage your audience. Its better to over deliver to get the most action from your list than to go months without engaging them and have it go stale. ( Consistency – whatever the frequency you committed to, stick with it)

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