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Bellingham Police Department

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1 Bellingham Police Department
Drug Awareness Bellingham Police Department Sergeant Keith Johnson February, 2011

2 Common Illegal Drugs Cocaine Heroin Ecstasy-MDMA, “Molly” Marijuana

3 Cocaine

4 Cocaine

5 Crack Cocaine

6 Crack Cocaine


8 Heroin – How is it used? Injection Smoking

9 Quantities

10 Heroin Paraphernalia: Needles Spoons Cotton balls Tie-offs Water
Tin foil Drug kits Knives/residue



13 Heroin - effects Skin Popping Track marks Sores on face
Under the influence Sweating Lethargic (the nod) Disoriented Pinpoint pupils


15 Ecstasy MDMA

16 Ecstasy MDMA MDMA, called “E," "ecstasy," or "XTC" on the street, is a synthetic, psychoactive (mind-altering) drug with hallucinogenic and amphetamine-like properties. Its chemical structure is similar to methamphetamine. “Molly” - a powder form of MDMA. Purchased in “points” and swallowed in capsule or powder form. Typically light brown to off-white in color.

17 Marijuana


19 Marijuana

20 Marijuana

21 Marijuana – A gateway drug?

22 Prevalence of meth labs in Bellingham
Methamphetamine Prevalence of meth labs in Bellingham

23 Mobile labs


25 Appearance and Paraphernalia (meth)
Pipes, Brillo filters, pen tubes, butane, bags

26 Meth User Effects – Sores, scabs, “meth mouth”
                                                                                                  Effects – Sores, scabs, “meth mouth” Under the influence: - “Tweaking”, dilated pupils, hyperactivity, restlessness





31 DEALING NEIGHBORS MAY OBSERVE: Heavy traffic, can be cyclical
Weeknight activity at very late hours Visitors are “acquaintances” People bring “valuables,” leaving empty handed Odd car behavior — park around corner, long waits “Lookouts” Packets traded for cash, usage, needles, other paraphernalia Don’t count one sign as proof (most signs are also legal activities) Neighbors will see things that you don’t, so work with them.

32 Prescription Pills Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percoset, Suboxcone, Methadone

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