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1 Opportunities for Canadian Businesses in EU Funded Projects in Poland.

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1 1 Opportunities for Canadian Businesses in EU Funded Projects in Poland

2 2 The Environment Population: 38.17million GDP:growth 6.1%, 333.49 billion (2007) Inflation: 3.8% (end of 2007) Unemployment:11.5% (March 2007)

3 3 The Environment Strong Polish currency PLN = strong Polish buying power and price competitiveness of Canadian products Strong interest from foreign investors (11 billion in 2006) E.U. Structural Funds for Poland in 2007- 2013: 67.3 billion ( 85.5 billion including national funds)

4 4 Facts and Assumptions Planned investments of 85.5 billion will be highest in Polands history Limited timeline for implementation 2007- 2013 Canadian firms can have access to EU funded projects

5 5 Priority Sectors - Infrastructure Transport Infrastructure (roads, highways, bridges) Euro 2012 Infrastructure (stadiums and hotels) Residential & Commercial (universities, R&D centres, shopping malls, public buildings)

6 6 Poland & Ukraine joint hosts of Euro 2012 but... infrastructure is lacking 6 major cities hosting Euro 2012 games 5 existing stadiums to be modernized and extended to double capacity 3 new stadiums to be built including Baltic Arena in Gdańsk 600 km of highway, 1,500 km of rail track modernization, airport & hotel infrastructure extension

7 7 Roads are the single largest area of EU funds support 1145 km of motorways 2817 km of expressways 62 ring-roads 1990 km of roads modernized –Projects to be implemented by 2015!

8 8 Priority Sectors – Environment Protection Municipal Wastewater Management Municipal Solid Waste Management Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Post Industrial land Rehabilitation Flood Protection

9 9 Priority Sectors – Environment Protection Municipal Wastewater Management –Budget of over 3.27 –Opportunities exist for technologies in wastewater treatment and water purification

10 10 Priority Sectors – Environment Protection Municipal Solid Waste Management –Budget of over 1.43 billion –Opportunities exist for recycling technologies and thermal processing of solid waster –Project value varies from 10 M to over 100 M

11 11 Priority Sectors – Environment Protection Renewable Energy: –Biomass, biogas and biofuels –Wind, solar, small hydro Clean coal research and development

12 12 Agriculture Structure: large number of small farms Automation level of Polish agriculture lower than in Western Europe Majority of current stock needs to be replaced because it is at the end of its useful life EU recognizes technological gap and supports purchase of new machinery

13 13 Support for Agriculture – 17.8 billion Support to young farmers Farm modernization Environmental protection at farm level Support to farming in difficult areas (e.g. mountains) Diversification of production IT increasing production efficiency

14 14 Priority Sectors – IT 29% of Poles are on-line –(dial-up, copper lines, fibre connections, WAP, GSM, satellite and radio) Booming mobile telephone market over 20 mln subscribers –(95% of Polands territory has GSM 900 DCS coverage, 3 rd generation (UTMS) phones launched)

15 15 Priority Sectors – IT EU support of 9.7 billion to support creation of information society in Poland Opportunities in e-government (e-health, e-schools) E-business Environmental monitoring & disaster prevention Security applications (sea ports, ITS, Euro 2012)

16 16 Priority Sectors – IT Modernization of telecommunications networks (opportunity for optical fibre lines and broadband Internet) Euro2012 alone will require approx. 0.5 million of investment in telecommunications

17 17 Target Clients Decentralization of Authorities Municipalities/Provinces Developed network of contacts among project decision makers Receptiveness to Canadian products and services

18 18 What we can do for you? Key contact search Advise on strategy Organize group presentation / promotional events

19 19 What we need from you? If interested, send e-mail to our colleagues in Warsaw / Central & Eastern Europe Region –(Market Prospect) Competitive Advantage Commitment to visit

20 20 Canada Trade Day in Wrocław, Poland June 2008 (TBC) Regional participation: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary Focus on 2-3 sectors (TBD) Targeting EU funded projects

21 21 Innovation Days In cooperation with KGHM Polish Copper Location: Wrocław September 15-17, 2008 Coal Gasification Underground Mining

22 22 PPP Seminar Public/Private Sector Speakers Venue in Warsaw, Poland (TBC) Timing to be determined

23 23 Case Study Canadian SME company VAC Aero, supplier of heat processing technology for the aviation industry Investment in the Polish town of Kalisz Prospect of applying for EU funds to support production expansion and new technology introductions Other companies, as well as new entrants can count on EU support

24 24 Bombardier: winning tenders in major cities in Poland for supply of new tramways City of Krakow recently ordered 24 at value of 45.5 M Cost of purchase financed by EBRD, EU funds and own funds Of Polands stock of 3650 only 270 trams are younger than 10 years – extensive plans to modernize fleet

25 25 Please contact us at: Thank you!

26 26

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