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APO E Genetic Screening for Alzheimers and Metabolic Individuality.

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1 APO E Genetic Screening for Alzheimers and Metabolic Individuality

2 Apo E Plays a critical role in transport of cholesterol and fats to the brain Insufficient fat and cholesterol in the brain play a critical role in AD Alzheimers patients have 1/6 of the concentration of free fatty acids in the CSF compared to other individulas High fat diet increases cognitive function in AD patients

3 APO E The brain is 2% body mass but 25% totach cholesterol Cholesterol needed to transmit nerve signals and fight infections Apo E transports fats and choleserol Apo E 4 is associated with increased risk –20X increased risk when you have a 4/4

4 Statins Increased cholesterol in an APO E 4 may be the body trying to get more lipids to the brain by increasing synthesis Statins –Sepsis, heart failure, fetal damage, and cancer Cholesterol is so important to the brain that the astrocytes can make their own Memory dysfunction Reduce fatty acids and antioxidents to the brain Reduce cells ability to synthesize coQ10 Causes vitamin D deficiency

5 APO E Only apo in both csf and blood Only certain cells can make it Liver and brain Astrocytes can usher lipids across the blood brain barrier using APO e

6 Fats Most cells can use either fats or glucose The brain is unable to utilize fat for fuel Fat protects the brain from oxidation Oxygen causes oxidation The body packages cholesterol according to where it is supposed to go APOs allow the package of cholesterol to enter the cell so that the fats can be utilized

7 Apo E APOE is associated with AD APO E is the only APO in CSF and blood serum Only certain types of cells can make it –Liver –Astrocytes in brain Can usher lipids across blood brain barrier It binds LDL, making it accessible to astrocytes as long as APO E is working Convert fats in to the types that are more attractive the toe brain The brain likes long chain fats

8 Brain Brain likes Omega 3 fats Fats travel from liver to brain Antioxidants protect them along the way

9 Cholesterol and AD Men with high cholesterol in their 50s are susceptible to AD much later in life High cholesterol is positively correlated with longevity in people over 85

10 H Pylori Possible correlation with H Pylori More H Pylori in CSF in AD patients –88% in AD –47% of controls 85% of treated patient had cognitive improvement in 2 years C. Pneumoniae –17/19 in AD –1/19 in control group

11 Ketogenic Diet High fat Low carb Defective glucose metabolism in brain Reduced beta amyloid Reduce dependence on glucose Improve the myelin sheath High fat does not help people who are Apo E 4 positive

12 Supplements NADH –Consumes oxygen while converting pyruvate to lactate, reducing exposure of fats to oxygen –Significant cognitive decline in those who are predisposed to AD after oxygen exposure Fatty acids Antioxidants Phospholipids Avoid statins Treat H pylori

13 Stephanie Seneff Apo E-R: The Clue to Why Low Fat Diet and Statins May Cause Alzheimers

14 Exercise Even if you are 80 or older, it is not too late dancing Reduce risk of developing dementia Better cholesterol Better blood flow Better blood sugar Less risk of depression

15 Depression Higher risk of dementia with depression Omega 3 fatty acids

16 Hormones Hormone replacement therapy may reduce the progression and development of dementia / AD

17 Learning Focus on things that you are not good at –Numbers –Language –Art –Dancing

18 Medications Antidepressants Antihistamines Parkinsons drugs Anxiety meds Seizure meds Steroids Blood pressure / heart meds

19 weight Obesity in middle age makes you twice as likely to develop AD

20 Supplements Fish oil –The brain is made of fat Trans fats Omega 3s –Fish and plant fat

21 Supplements Ginkgo –Blood flow –Helpful in cardiovascular disease when the problem is a lack of blood flow to the head

22 Supplements heperzia Choline Carnitine

23 Cholesterol and Sugar 1/3 cup oat brain 1 tbsp cinnamon 1 tsp honey ½ cup irish (steel cut) oatmeal

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